The Worlds Funniest Rocket League Pro Player!

Published 2022-05-30

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  • Travis Staz
    kevin and arsenal would be an interesting match, lots of comms
  • Necolos Hammond
    the fact that his name is Kevin makes it ten times funnier 😂
  • Aaron Wingard
    Bro is truly just enjoying himself,love this man Kevin, the best of vibes to him
  • Dead Toucan
    This is pure comedy. I could lose 10 games in a row with him, and still die laughing!!
  • Melancholas
    I want literally all his phrases for quick chat, especially "clamps".

    Such funny and entertaining vid. "I don't need luck, I 've got skills". What a legendary episode 😂👍
  • s1lv3rfir3
    this guy is the genuine and enthusiastic it's amazing thanovic. the world needs more people like kevin.
  • Jay King
    Kevin must be protected at all costs.
  • Bro voice chat in rocket league made the game 100x better and funny. I've been having so much fun with this especially seeing other people use it too.
  • Syv
    I don't think I've ever laughed this much from a RL video. Dude is hilarious
  • Dusty Couch
    if the rl commuity was like kevin, then all of rl's problems would go away.
  • sanram
    Anyone else really hoping that Meta Power makes the major? Would love to see Kevin bring that energy into the event. Amazing video!
  • The Real Jar
    Kevin is goated. Ask him about his warmup routine for RLCS. Lmao
  • Sparrowhawk4
    This is one of the funniest RL videos I've seen in ages, we love Kevin
  • Neurosss
    this was awesome, I hope we get more Kevin in the future <3
  • sdog300
    🤣 he sounds like a cool dude. I was smiling & laughing the whole time. (Actually, I’m only half way through. I needed a little breather) he’s having so much fun & he’s genuinely disappointed when he feels like he failed you.
  • Ouiouid
    kevin is the definition of chaotic good
  • Damn Good
    I usually dont comment, but this is pure gold! that was hilarious :D
  • BathTub
    This has to be one of the best Rocket League videos out there, so funny <3
  • Han mac
    This guy Kevin is on another level man😂 it's impossible not to be laughing when he's around