Published 2023-11-18
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Our motto on this channel is LAUGH DAILY! Why is this our motto? Because we believe in the importance of laughing daily, we strive to bring joy to people's lives by watching our content.
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All Comments (21)
  • @MrDJ2005
    Only Jstu fans can like this comment
  • @LHyoutube
    Isaac getting repeatedly hit in the nuts by stray paintballs even after already being eliminated and laying down is one of the funniest JStu moments ever!! 😂
    Funniest moments LOL 8:17 The way Andrew fell 🤣🤣 14:36 Jackson getting hit in the 🥜PT1 17:42 It just casually moves to Andrew eating like a chipmunk 18:27 Oh a tiny one.. No it glows... It's still tiny.. No it glows 🤣 21:56 Don't slap em.... 24:38 Issac VS Blake 1 27:10 Issac VS Blake 2 28:10 Issac almost drowns 💀😭🤣🤣 29:42 The Attack on Issac 🤣 31:16 Blake almost friendly fires 33:34 Issac VS Blake 3 34:32 The bomb 35:15 The attack on Justin🤣 36:39 Jackson getting hit i
  • @xLoganBear
    It’s fun to see you included the whole team!
  • @nywherebuthere
    Love you guys. Stay awesome and make more survival challenges!
  • @lawtonlord9379
    Glad to see the bunckers return y’all should combine them
    Wow, I loved every bit of your video! From the hilarious moments to the intense challenges, each segment had something special. Seems like you guys had a blast spending the night in micro bunkers. The entertainment factor was off the charts. Looking forward to seeing more creative and exciting content from you. Keep up the great work!
  • @Cantatornoctem
    I´m watching these guys from germany for several year now and it is just mindblowing how they just step up the game every video and how authentic they still appear. Keep up the good work folks!👍
  • As an Walmart employee, I agree with what Justin said. Walmart does, in fact, suck. I bet ya didn't expect one of their workers to say that, did ya? :)
  • @howyoudoing4383
    You don’t understand how excited I get when I see 30+ minute videos. 😁
  • @TheNaturraal13
    so fun how you have been adding the entire crew to the survival challenges!!!!!
  • @seattle_1419
    There was never a dull moment with Jackson. Never stopped laughing
  • @sespider
    Everyone needs to keep in perspective how much it cost them to make this one episode. They are using, what looks like, 550 gallon water tanks as their "bunkers". The average cost of just one tank is $800usd. And they have 8 of them for this episode alone. That comes to $6,400 just for the tanks. Then there's the cost large main tank (the large area of the bunker). Easily $3,000 just for it. Add to that the wood to build the frames and tunnels. Another $1,500. And finally the cost of each of them spending $150, adds an additional $1,200. That brings the cost of this episode to a MINIMAL of $12,000 USD!!😱🤯 I'm sure that cost is lower, if they repurposed items from past episodes. Or if they got items at a discount. But it is still mind blowing how much money goes into just one episode.
  • Ok 8 days to make a bunker of this size thats just impressive w for the builders ❤
  • @FourFexXOXO
    I LOVE THIS NEW STYLE! The longer videos are so good!
  • I have watched y’all for over 5 YEARS and your channel never gets old