15 Most Incredible Giant Robots In The World

Published 2023-04-19
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All Comments (21)
    He forgot one the most coolest robots it's a T-Rex that can breathe fire crush cars and many times went to demolition derby now that thing is a beast
  • @TheWererapter92
    I Robot is not just a movie, its a Premonition of what will happen if we keep this up
  • @user-oj1ux7vh5r
    I wish the giant gundam could actually walk without anything to help it stand up.
  • @mikep9312
    Imagine if you were just a janitor at night and they forgot to shut off Fedor while an astronaut is linked to him.
  • @trollmhack8342
    imagine that landwalker, made by bullet proof materials and capable of speeding up to a hundred miles per hour.

    it can be used in warfare in urban terrain
  • @broda833
    Ain't no way my bot in my pfp is gonna be built💀💀💀

    Later in 2140:well I guess they know the future 💁
  • @petertyson4022
    Interesting. In the future. . A power source is going electricity or the sun /heat . Not fossil fuel. . Some are not true robots. Some radio controlled. Some are robotic suits. But all good stuff. 👍👾
  • @pongfoong8760
    That expert to make prototype .but wat about the cannon