Black Screen Rain and Severe Thunderstorm - For Sleep or Meditation - Nature sounds

Published 2020-10-18

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  • @BritishHideaway
    To everyone reading this - I wish every one of you good quality sleep and I hope you are able to manage feelings of stress/anxiety in your daily lives. Some days and nights I do great - at other times I really struggle. Certain events from my past haunt my mind from time to time and if I am not careful I end up living in the past and not moving forward - I can end up laying awake at night feeling anxious and it's just awful. I am also currently stuck in a job that has become a toxic environment for me but with the help of rain sounds for sleep/stress relief alongside taking care of myself every day I am able to keep on pushing forward and I am making real progress. I love YouTube for the community we share. Videos like this are such a blessing. Much love to everyone x
  • @parlehhne290
    When I was pregnant, I listened to it throughout. I have my baby, she listens to it. When she is crying, the moment she hears it, she closes her eyes and sleep
  • 💤 When I recorded the rains I just wanted a chance to watch it again, and I uploaded it to youtube, to my surprise the video was viewed by many people. and I realized I'm not the only one who wants to enjoy the rain. Do you like rain like me? Please tell me I'm not alone.😴
  • That's how it is for me. I listen to rain sounds to combat anxious thoughts, to relax and to fall asleep. Videos like this are a gift! Relax and sleep good everyone, goodnight! x
  • This always puts me to a very deep sleep and helps me to fall asleep easily, because I have a hard time falling asleep right away, your videos are always helpful
  • We have so many worries in our daily life, but don't bring your worries to your bed. Everything will get better with time. Try to think positive and take a deep breath. Another great day is ahead of you, so I wish you with this rain sound a sweet dream and a peaceful good night!
  • @julialaw1461
    I love when it has distant thunder. Reminds me so much of my childhood. When I was afraid of nothing and would go dance in the rain. Thanks for sharing. ❤
  • Thank you very much for relaxing rain video. Good night everybody .💞
  • If your reading this have a lovely night morning afternoon bring all peace to u <33
  • @emmapeel8163
    it's like reading a great book. i close my eyes & my imagination takes over.
    there's details here i do not hear in other "rain" videos. very nice!
  • @onlygoodvibes983
    This message is for everyone that im so proud of you & thank you for being so strong & for living another day. whatever you’re going through, i promise you, it will pass. sending peace, love, strength, and prayers to you all. May God bless us all and fill our lives with peace and prosperity.
    Thank you.
  • POV: You accidentally leave this sound on when playing the "late night vibes" playlist on Spotify and realize it creates a whole new vibeeeee 😙😙
  • @joelharris3800
    Very beautiful, fresh, beautiful song, gentle, soft. Thank you for the happiness of gentle music.
  • @bblsnay
    I really like this one. Seriously. This is my all time favorite 😍 ❤️ 💕 💓 ♥️
  • I hope everyone who hears this will sleep comfortably and deeply. Good night everyone!