Denver Broncos vs. Carolina Panthers | 2022 Week 12 Game Highlights

Published 2022-11-27

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  • Tiger Hoods
    Russell Wilson is experiencing arguably the greatest collapse by a perceived HOF quarterback still in his prime in NFL history. It’s mesmerizing.
  • Henny
    Must be nice being a Seahawks fan this season
  • Goose Nutz
    As a jets fan I love seeing darnold strive! Let’s goo
  • criptard
    Denver needs so much. Not just a QB
  • Based Zoe
    Nobody gonna say it but the Panthers O-line improved so much 🔥
  • DH
    As a Seahawks fan, I love watching Broncos games now. Our first and second round draft picks acquired in the trade just keep getting better and better.
  • The Spaldo
    As a die hard Broncos fan, this is just getting hilarious at this point. I can't even be upset anymore because I'm too busy laughing like a maniac over this team.
  • Vulcan Raven
    Russell Wilson's last Super bowl play in his career might very well be that interception at the 1 yard line.
  • Mark Neely
    What is goin on with Russell Wilson..?
    This is insane
  • Deontae B.
    I hope Steve Wilks permanently becomes our head coach. We been looking a whole lot better lately compared to the first couple of weeks with Matt Rhule.
  • Ksp 193
    Do you think the Broncos could get a first round pick for Wilson? At least cut some of their losses
  • Danny Wayne
    As a panthers fan we genuinely feel for you broncos and your struggles, especially Mr Russel who went to Nc state
  • charles okereke
    Steve Wilks should get the job next year, team is still playing hard for him
  • Justin Bryant
    Man what Cam Newton could do behind this OL. I've been a panthers fan my whole life and have never seen it this good and consistent
  • Daniel Knowles
    As a panther fan Steve wilks is really doing his best and honestly I feel like the team loves playing for him keep pounding
  • garrison sides
    As a panther fan, this was a very satisfying win just because I was so tired of everyone ranking the broncos higher on pr just because of their defense.
  • Christian Ellis
    Carolina looked good all around today. Darnold was way more comfortable in the pocket then Mayfield has been all year. That bomb darnold had to DJ was beautiful. Foreman was on his game and the defense was awesome. Need this every week. #KeepPounding