Survive the Wild | Episode 1: Rules of the Realm | Free Documentary Nature

Published 2022-03-06
Survive the Wild - Episode 1: Rules of the Realm | Wildlife Documentary

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For many species the possession of territory is the ultimate goal. With good territory comes plentiful food, access to shelter, attraction to mates and safety to raise offspring - all tremendous strategic advantages in the wild. For a territorial species, their territory is their kingdom. Those that want it will stop at nothing to get it, and those that have it will fight fiercely to defend it.

In the wild every creature has its own game plan. Attack and defence, communication and mating, hunting and claiming territory - for animals to succeed in the turmoil of nature they need strategy. With stunning archival footage and computer generated graphics, we observe the tactics animals use to survive and dominate in the wild.


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  • Absolutely gorgeous. This is a region I have always wanted to visit! Such amazing wildlife and landscapes to view
  • Jacqueline Hall
    I absolutely loved watching this documentary ❤ and I too really enjoyed the narration. So well done for a great documentary, thank you 😊
  • Taria Croff
    I absolutely love watching shows like these. I am wondering if there's multiple seasons out with episodes that go in order? Can anyone please answer this question for me?
  • "I want to appreciate the quality of the backdrop. You have added a few nice details, the surrounding space is also quite good. Your attention to detail adds a lot to your creative experience. Thank you very much.😍
  • Judith Campbell
    A beautiful documentary! Thank you I enjoyed it very much!!!
    I told myself that it is necessary to live authentically. No matter how other people see me, even if the whole world is negative, I still have myself to believe in.:goodvibes:
  • Susan Woods
    Love this documentary thanks for uploading
  • Peekaboo_icu
    We love these videos. Nature films never get boring. Thank you for your posts!!
  • Dark assasin
    Splendid graphics I love the information every bit of it😍
  • lord lem
    Great video wildlife animals and beautiful nature documentary👍
  • Meet The Smythes
    Thank you for uploading and sharing this Amazing Video of Survival in the Wild.
  • Daniel
    Things in life that I take for granted. Tsavo national park is thirty minutes while Serengeti is about an hour or two away. I have seen lions all my life. Thanks God for such favors in life.
  • pink girl
    This is amazing documentary i appreciate the quality and experiece
  • luis carlos
    Free doc; criação de Deus e maravilhosa e infinita # tem espécie q o homem nunca viu ;,,,,! bons vídeos.
  • Andy Mcneil
    Love these posts. Keep on keeping on.