Weedeater Boat Project

Published 2010-01-23
McCulloch weedeater fitted with prop and attached to small inflatable. Needs more power. Nitrous next, maybe!

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  • @LyonsdenNZ
    Depends on the hull you are using, but if you're going to use a weedeater, which is quite good as it's light, go for the biggest capacity one that you can find. Some are around 32cc, which may give you between 1 and 2 HP.
  • @bionictrucker1
    The boats over there in Thailand are made with this same type of engine mount setup! They use small gas powered engines to V-6 & V-8's as well! I've been to Thailand 3 separate times while serving in the U.S. Navy & road on these boats from the aircraft carrier to shore & back! They'll hold 20 or so people in some of these boats & they do go purty fast out across the water! A job well done on your lil ole project there, bud! Your youngin was having some fun, wasn't he!
  • @sporange70
    Loving your work Don. Some things never change huh.
  • @SmashPan608
    I love this, its lightweight, and moves you arround! its perfect, and its pretty much the only thing you can use, a boat motor would flip small rafts such as that one
  • @newsnetuk
    This looks like a revival of the old British Atco Boat Impeller which went out of production in the 1950s. Air-cooled engine, long straight shaft pivoted in both up and down and side to side axes on the stern.
    It's really not much more dangerous that a conventional outboard - but it's a lot noisier.
    I'd still say though it's more important for kids to learn to row than use outboards.
  • String trimmers were originally outboard engines for small boats - until someone thought it would be fun to destroy some weeds with the prop. Now the technology has gone full circle.
  • @mmoon1860
    I love it. I wish every dad's have some time with their kids now and days.
  • I love it. Thats the way we were raised and we had the greatest childhood. My Dad was so much like this...he made us the coolest fun stuff.
    Thank God he did that instead of spending all his free time judging other people on the internet
  • @LyonsdenNZ
    There was a wee bit more to it than that, and earlier comments on this and the later "Weedeater Boat Project Phase2" will tell you a bit about how it was done. Most of the stuff I had lying around, so don't know exactly what it would cost to do, but the boat would probably be $50 or $60, the weedeater around $50, the prop about $10, plywood $15 to $20 and old bike forks should be able to be found for free! There were a few bits and pieces extra that would probably cost $30 or so. That's all $NZ.
  • Very good great video we tried it years ago but kept cutting out too much pitch on our prop i would have made a full guard cage round the prop in case little lad falls in
  • @AwakenedR6
    You need to add a piece of wood that's semi thin to the front so it doesn't drift as much and so the steering works better
  • @LyonsdenNZ
    Point taken. Since this vid there has been "Weedeater Boat Project Phase2", which added another weedeater, and Phase3 is coming. You'll be pleased to know that Phase3 has shrouds over the propellors for both safety reasons and improved thrust. Cheers.
  • @c-martz2846
    If the propulsion wasn’t facing down, that raft would be a bit faster. It’s never too late to compliment a dad for creating good memories.
  • @LyonsdenNZ
    Great to see someone else having simple fun! What next? Add another weedeater? Have a look at "Weedeater Boat Project Phase2" for some ideas. Cheers.
  • @LyonsdenNZ
    @stuart18100 Agreed Stuart. Having trouble locating something suitable but I'm looking at cropping the existing prop(s). Have a look at "Weedeater Boat Project Phase2". It gets along a bit better with two motors, but the inflatable is too blunt. I've built a planing hull which should appear as "...Phase3" before too long. Still looking for some props...
  • @ganstaboii2332
    yeah this is awesome and would definitely work for many different things
  • @LyonsdenNZ
    Canon Powershot A720, great for all sorts of things, but not quite up to it when the little bugger disappears across the inlet! I've upgraded.
  • @pwrplnt1975
    That was AWESOME!! I want one but I'm to big.!