EPISODE 482 | Zola 7 on Indaba My Children, Bambatha, Glaucoma, Family Tree, Documentary , Wife

Published 2023-08-17
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  • @legendaryme253
    If Zola cannot do the podcast on his own. Please give him a segment on the podcast. Maybe on Saturday 😅. "Saturdays with Mzolisto"😅🔥🔥
  • @allan2827
    This Guy Sol Phenduka is very much informed. He knows everything, From Porn, Sport, History, Politics, Academics everything
  • @lungasilevu6213
    Zola can start a podcast but doesn't have to release every week. Once a month is good as long as the content appeals to the masses and he gets consistent.
  • @TheBlaqueLilly
    All I know is I got to apply for accommodation eRes at UJ because of Zola. He gave me a lift to Cresta to get the necessary documentation I needed when no taxi would transport me because I wore the shortest of dresses😂 he was kind, not dismissive or judgemental, he didn't ask anything of me. Needless to say, I got into Res & got my qualification in IT. So thank you Zola🙏🏾 I never stopped wearing short dresses or skirts except when I had to catch a taxi
  • @thamithafeni8245
    Did you know? If 10% of podcast and chill subscribers were to donate R20 each for the next 10 months we could raise the R20 Million Zola needs for the show. But that's not how we Black South Africans think about such things, anyway it's always great seeing and listening to Zola such an inspirational individual who touched our hearts in so many ways. More blessings and good health to him.
  • Ngila engikhona through Zola 7. This King changed my life. I will be always grateful. 2009 my zola 7 episode was aired. In tears as we speak.
  • @DankoMilano
  • @TheSunchynne
    I remember back when Zola set up that library eMthatha - he invited my dad Dr. Delarey Mkatshwa to support that project, and he was extremely proud of Zola's initiative. #Legacy
  • @sazimkhwanazi
    Zola7 book recommendations: 1. Indaba my children - Credo Muthwa 2. Art of war - Sun Tzu 3. Conversations beyond your valley - Jasper Swayne 4. Masambisane
  • @dikoenatsolo5561
    Ask your grandma about Zola, ask your mother about Zola, ask your brothers and sisters about Zola, ask 2k's about Zola... EVERYBODY KNOWS ZOLA!!! What a legend!
  • @muhle_mgt
    He didnt lie when he said “ I’m gonna shine in the dark like the stars ebsuku, sing all day njengey’ nyon’ zezulu” He life story is shining and he is singing his wisdom to us….S’phiwe is so right to say we all wanted to write to him evej though we didnt know what we’d he righting for. There was an episode he had on the Zola 7 show where a kid had gotten a criminal record for stealing I think ama smarties and how he helped him out…that specific episode stuck with me to this day
  • @bhekie2k
    The first ever CD I owned was Mdlwembe when I was 17 years old in 2001. I begged and begged my mother because there was just something about listening to Zola that made me feel seen, heard and understood. His music and lyrics had vocabulary for things I felt but couldn't express. My hopes and dreams, my fears, things that made me sad and things that made me happy, things I saw in my community that I didn't know how to explain, Zola did that for me. I might never ever get a chance to meet him but if there was ever a man who inspired me in ways I could not imagine it has to be Bonginkosi Dlamini. Thank you bro! Thank you so much for being a gift to this world.
  • The fact checker has a bright future in broadcasting, she is eloquent and intelligent
  • MacG loves Sol and he is not jealous of him. He let Sol shine on this one. ❤
  • @nkhetheni1
    Now i understand why Zola is so brilliant, he reads books. He understands culture and go deep and wider to understand various topics. He is still relevant.❤❤
  • Much love to Zola maaan.. I was a beneficiary of his bursaries given by Y2Y back in 2009.. He and Naledi,changed our lives.
  • @busiswamlandu
    Sol really loves Zola he is so excited in this interview can't contain himself and also a reminiscent moment for him
  • @Kushy36
    I think Zola must visit every year because we need to be reminded how big he is. This guy was indeed "the Michael Jackson of Kwaito". We need to celebrate him.
  • @judithmuna1068
    I hope Bhut' Zola will come watch the podcast, read the comments section and understand how great he was, is and will continue to be, I hope he understands that we know what/who he has fought to be where he is right now, this moment is so big, and I absolutely love it for him, and I know I'm not the only one. And thank you Ghostlady for extending the invitation to produce the podcast, it will be amazing. You guys are doing great things... ❤🙏🏾🥺🌀☄️🎁
  • @vsc_ww
    Zola 7 (At his peak) once came to my home town (Standerton, Mpumalanga) while shooting his famous SABC show and came to donate blankets, I remember the day very faintly because I was very much young at the time ... But one thing I can remember was how quickly the news travelled around my small town, It was like Mandela was in town. Everyone was over the moon to just have seen him in the flesh. My mom made her cameo on TV as she was part of the extras in the back haha (She always references the story whenever Zola is mentioned) But over and above that Zola is such an inspiring man. He was very in tune with the people and he was very hands on. As much as his show was not entirely funded by him, he also touched many lives in many ways. I can talk about all day, but I just wanna give him his flowers for being a great inspiration to all of us