Timothy Jones Trial Day 11 Timothy Jones Sr Part 2

Published 2019-05-30

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  • @dawnisles6363
    I like his dad, seems a straight shooter.it must be really hard for him. But you can tell he's 100% truthful.
  • @patmurdie
    My heart is with this man... To loose all your grandkids... I can't even imagine the pain he's going through
  • My heart goes out to this man; he truly loved those children, "his babies" it is amazing that he holds up during questioning...
  • @wayne6066
    As a grandfather myself...this guy is real
  • My heart literally breaks for Tim Sr. His own son brutally murdered and stole this poor man's grandchildren. You can tell Tim Sr. Is a good man who loves his family. In spite of his son killing his babies he still loves him too. Tim Jr. Needs to be punished and never see the light of day again. He needs to suffer like his babies did until he takes his last breath! With that being said... I also believe the children's mother should be haunted by the fact that she wasn't there to protect her babies!
  • @Kalina1982
    This breaks my heart. He is a good man.
  • I really feel sad for this father/grandfather you can see how much he is in pain and he isn't making excuses for his son.
  • @dariahughes5564
    Funny how Tim demanded perfection and 100% respect from his kids, but he cussed and yelled, and told off his dad all the time. This "defense" presentation is sinking his case, THANK GOD
  • @kjjjj5202
    I wish i had a dad that was half the man of this guy and also a husband. This guy is an amazing man.
  • @chickapeas5646
    He may be rough around the edges but, he loves his child and loves his grandchildren. Of course he wants to believe his child is mentally ill to do this.
  • @muie5
    How my heart hurts for this man, a father and grandfather. Until one has dealt with this kind of horror you can not truly understand the devastation of it to each person individually and the family as a whole. May God comfort them and help them find some peace until they are reunited together in heaven with Him.
  • @mariepresho3653
    I like this man. He is a stand up man. Feel so sad for him.
  • @josiejames6587
    He’s a cool dad. I can tell he did his best and loves his family, poor guy 💔
  • @lucylove4514
    I feel so sorry for this man. He is crying real tears unlike his evil son who can`t even pretend to cry.
  • @Pamela-Lynne
    Junior sure didn’t take after Senior, did he? This man seems so loving & empathic. I feel so hurt for this man as a grandpa and especially as a Dad. He still loves his boy after he admitted to killing his 5 grand babies. That’s the kind of love only a parent has for their child (children). 😢
  • Listening to the dad talk about how vengeful his son is makes me think he killed all of his kids not just to punish the mother, but to punish the grandfather, too. After he killed Nahtahn in a fit of rage, there was no reason for him to kill the other four. He told the police he knew he wouldn’t get away with killing Nahtahn. The four remaining could’ve gone and lived with the grandparents while he was in prison.