Absolutely Absurd RTX 40 Video Cards: Every 4080 & 4090 Announced So Far

Published 2022-09-22
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EVGA left the game for 1 week and the entire video card industry has lost its mind. In this video, we'll walk through the marketing madness, silly names, and, in some cases, bizarre designs of the NVIDIA RTX 4090, RTX 4080 16GB, and RTX 4080 12GB partner model video cards. This includes video cards from ASUS, Gigabyte, Colorful, MSI, Galax, Inno3D, Zotac, Palit, PNY, and Gainward. There are a few others too, but we only really removed the less relevant ones.

Get the news on the NVIDIA RTX 40 launch here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3tZ01...
Learn about EVGA leaving the video card industry here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cV9QE...

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01:15 - ASUS ROG Strix & TUF
06:15 - Gigabyte Aorus RTX 4090 & 4080 GPUs
08:38 - Colorful Vulcan & Neptune Ada GPUs
10:16 - MSI Suprim, Gaming, & Ventus
12:30 - Galax Serious Cringe Cards
14:42 - Inno3D Peak Marketing
16:49 - Zotac Amp Extreme Airo & Trinity
17:36 - Palit Midnight Kaleidoscope
18:56 - PNY XLR8 Gaming
19:33 - Gainward Night Baron

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Host, Copy Editing: Steve Burke
Writing: Jeremy Clayton
Video: Andrew Coleman

All Comments (21)
  • sam lebon
    DLSS is amazing; it can even upscale prices.
  • This escalated quickly on so many levels. 4 slots and beyond, Bionic Shark Fans, Dark Obelisk support sticks and 4x8-pin Power adapters. God help us.
  • Craig Griffin
    Your reviews are truly a jift to the gaming world.
  • Thepowerlies
    Let's hope that AMD and Intel have good things to offer
  • A M
    Imagine being the inventors of dark power and anti gravity plates, only to turn around and use them to build a graphics card, instead of world domination.
  • Nvidia is actually very considerate of their buyers by providing them with video card, space heater, dumbbell and building brick all in one.
  • MrOffTrail
    If you’ve been toying with the idea of moving to water cooling, I think now’s the time if you are considering 40-series. It definitely looks like the way to go both for thermals and just to keep the size reasonable. Or if you want to stick with air cooled, I guess you could try converting a dumpster into a PC case to hold these behemoths. Just make sure you budget for a house addition construction costs in your build.
  • romanpul
    We've come a long way. Most of those coolers are truly colossal. I remember not too long ago, my ROG Strix 1080ti with its 2,5 slot cooler was considered enormous (and also extremely power hungry with its 280W 😂😂😂)
  • jpogi gtxcr1
    30 series is so in demand, it still makes you want to get it even after the 40 series has been released.
  • TJ
    The velcro loop on the ROG TUF 4090 isn’t for cable management: it’s a lanyard to catch the card when it falls off of the motherboard…. or whenever Linus is handling it. 😇
  • XxArgonautxX
    By the time we get to the 5000 series, we’ll need AIO cards or custom water loops for the cards to keep them cooled. I just upgraded from my 1080ti that was a beast of a card from gigabyte to the 3080 strix card and the size differences is actually comical!
  • CJ
    I get the feeling that the reason many manufacturers have omitted the RTX 4080 12GB pictures is because they originally rendered them as "RTX 4070" and Nvidia blindsided them.
  • Indy Miraaga
    Another jreat video from JamersNexus, can't wait to see how these jraphics cards perform when compared to their competition later this year. Hopefully AMD's JPU lineup is competitive and we can juarantee some fighting back ajainst the bij jreen jiant.
  • Eddie O'tool
    I predict a strong trend in watercooling this generation. Its starting to make sense now with oddball slots multipliers.
  • Grant Wiersum
    I'm trying to imagine the use case where someone is willing to spend 1500 on a video card and use 4 slots of space just to avoid water cooling.
  • Jarlaxle
    When these cards drop and you do your reviews, could you do a breakdown of which cards would be the best option if you're planning to watercool them in a custom loop?
  • joker927
    The open loop liquid cards are super interesting. They save so much waste for those planning to water cool. Unfortunately the prices are still too damn high.