지민 (Jimin) 'Set Me Free Pt.2' Official MV and Dance Practice reaction

Published 2023-03-20
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00:00 Intro
00:53 Set Me Free Pt.2 reaction
09:10 Dance Practice reaction
18:27 Seven Forever

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지민 (Jimin) 'Set Me Free Pt.2' Official MV
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[CHOREOGRAPHY] 지민 (Jimin) ‘Set Me Free Pt.2’ Dance Practice
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All Comments (21)
  • Jimin is perfect art in motion. The song is amazing. This is so epic!!
    He is the most powerful performer I have ever seen in my life and he is the best dancer and artist you will discover.
    The MV has been #1 in trending for music since the day the song came out.
    The dance practice is currently #7 trending Youtube overall.
    I really love him and respect him as an amazingly talented artist and a beautiful person inside and out.
    Thank you for reacting and listening to Jimin's song and dance.
  • Nay Jett
    Some people didn’t liked the autotune, and okay, it’s their opinion, but personally I really liked the artistic use of it, during the whole song he switches between his normal voice and the heavy autotune almost like a conversation with a darker part of himself and I LOVED it
  • Abbie M
    ❣️Here is the poem written in German on Jimin’s body translated:

    Widening Circles
    Written by Rainer Maria Rilke
    Germany (1875 - 1926) Timeline
    Translated and read by Joanna Macy

    I live my life in widening circles
    that reach out across the world.
    I may not complete this last one
    but I give myself to it.

    I circle around God, around the primordial tower.
    I’ve been circling for thousands of years
    and I still don’t know: am I a falcon,
    a storm, or a great song?
  • Vikta
    Хейтеров заткнул,он сказал своей лирикой,что даже будут смеяться он всё равно будет идти вперёд,он вышел из своего лабиринта и когда он в кругу танцоров-это мы (фанаты АРМИ)❤
    yo the amount of hate this song got over the past few days were insane it was a literal hate train which I don't get I loved the song. The autotune during the rap section was a little jarring at first but after a few listens I loved it. It reminded me a lot of the song respect with rm and suga and I loved the voice modulation there too. It quickly grew on me and it was a nice way to ease people into the album. Everyone was expecting jimin to give a song similar to lie, serendipity, filter promise esque but I love that jimin is stepping out of his box and doing what he wants. Cant wait for the rest of the album also the song would be crazy to hear live
  • mykinder
    Я ждал эту реакцию. Спасибо!
    Чимин бесподобен 😍
  • Nick Tơ
    Personally loved the song and video! I enjoyed the stylistic choice of the auto tune, but I can see where ppl didn’t like it because Jimin already has an amazing voice. At the same time tho he was involved in this song and if he didn’t think it sounded good it wouldn’t be on the final track.

    Much love!
  • Materoa Moses
    This is definitely JIMIN'S ANTHEM for him (& his BTS hyungs) and he's not asking, he's telling you, you'd better OR ELSE!! 😂😅 So powerful!!
  • Vikta
    Ваша реакция крутяк 👍❗️А текст на его теле с очень большим смыслом ❗️❗️❗️💜🙆‍♀️
  • Abbie M
    ❣️ Jimin’s “Set Me Free Pt.2’, it’s everything & more then I could hope for, Jimin’s amazing artistry, his so beyond spectacular,, so mesmerizing, phenomenal performance! The song, Jimin’s vocals, his dancing, the amazing choreography, also the amazing backup dancers, the lyrics he wrote, the music he composed as well as being involved in the production! Jimin was hands on, involved with every facet! No wonder the in-house legendary producer for BigHit Pdogg, who worked with Jimin throughout the whole album, stated that “in 2023 K-pop will be ended by Park Jimin”! Seeing this makes me that much more excited, waiting in anticipation for release of the full album, Jimin’s “FACE” on March 24, along with his other, main song ‘Like Crazy’ MV. Though Jimin’s song ‘Set Me Free Pt.2’, blew me away , meeting all my expectations & then some, I was also not totally surprised, because indeed Jimin is now ‘set free’ from the confines of being part of a group, to now be able to open up full throttle and ‘finally’ be able to release all that he held back for so many yrs! Jimin has been involved in every facet of creating this album! Hands on all the way, perfectionist that he is, including writing lyrics, composing, as well as being heavily involved in production! Jimin’s true, real, inner self will be finally seen in all its raw, authentic, amazing, heartfelt, passionate, emotional, sincere glory! This is aside from Jimin’s full range, hardly ever being shown, aside from high notes, but being finally able to show his full registry, mid range as well as lower registry as well! I’ve always been so frustrated not being able to see as well as hear Jimin’s full capacity of talent. So often not being fully taken advantage of, but that comes with being part of a group, that has every single member having so much talent that it’s been so limiting for Jimin, especially him being so selfless, making a point of having others shine before himself. Now the spotlight will be just on him! Though we’ve seen Jimin’s amazingly spectacular, so mesmerizingly outstanding solo performances before. But now, as Jimin himself, mentioned, he’ll indeed be showing the depth of his raw inner self! JIMIN also has said that each member exploring their own individual solo artistry, it will just make them all that much stronger, as a group when they come back together! In an interview Jimin explained: "I tried to express the grand scale of the song and [the ideas of] determination, passion, and overcoming. “Set me free” means setting myself free, so I thought it was important that I be the one to set myself free — not someone else. In the end, I’m the one who has to set myself free. I would say the song has the energy of a light in the darkness. I wanted to express that kind of picture everyone has in their head — a ray of light coming into the darkness is the only thing you can see. If I had to say specific colors, I’d say black and white."
  • Nalisha Chetty
    Jimin destroyed I'm so excited for his album!!
    Translation of the words on Jimin’s chest is from a German poem written by Rainer Maria Rilke in the late 1800s :
    I live my life in widening circles
    that reach out across the world.
    I may not complete this last one
    but I give myself to it.

    I circle around God, around the primordial tower.
    I've been circling for thousands of years
    and I still don't know: am I a falcon,
    a storm, or a great song?
  • Jasmine
    this song is so fire, it’s sad to see how specifically Kpop fans (bts antis) are hating on it when everybody else is going crazy over it. Ngl tho these haters talked about it so much that even more people are getting curious and tuning in. breaking records as we speak
  • Abbie M
    ♦If you are interested, Jimin will appear 2 nights in a row, on The Jimmy Fallon Show. First on March 23,, Jimin will be doing an interview, not sure if he’ll also be performing this song though, even though as a pre-release, it’s out already out. On March 24, the actual day Jimin’s full album “FACE” is released, along with actual main song from album “Like Crazy” MV, he will appear once again, to perform possibly both songs! Jimin, along with the rest of the group BTS, has appeared several times before throughout the years. But Jimin, in particular, has developed a special bond between himself & Jimmy Fallon over the yrs. JIMIN also will be performing on a few music shows in Korea as well. Plus many more activities that we will need to wait and see.
  • Celia Villar
    Grata pela espontânea reação ao nosso Mochi!
    Abraços do Brasil!
  • Lilifilm Official
    ✨지민의 노래에 대한 큰 반응 Your response is always beautiful
  • Rafael Smith
    First of all, the MV's background is quite strange. Cause it looks exactly like they are in PANOPTICON which is a type of prison wherein all the cells are visible from the center of the building. The prisoners in the cell however can never tell if they are being guarded or not, which gives the eerie feeling that someone is always watching you even if it's the contrary.

    It might be just a coincidence however the Set Me Free Pt.2 poster is exactly the same thing, the background image represents a panopticon hence just like the first line of Serendipity (Jimin's solo song) "None of this is a coincidence"

    Also I don't think the set me free he is referring to is to break away from the band
    But from the hate and everything else he has been dealing through, throughout the years of his music career.
    It must be noted that Jimin is the most hated member in BTS and he has suffered a lot like receiving death threats and etc. but anyways for me I guess this is just his way of breaking free of himself.
    Yes, I typed it right, it's himself
    The 'him' that others are trying to portray as him and the part of 'him' that he was always facing against.

    It's quite complex to explain. But should I just say that his greatest opponent was always himself? Not the haters, or whatever there is.

    From his first solo song alone called Lie
    He already showed that he is in inner conflict with himself and he can't escape

    And that lie continues to grow in Love yourself: Serendipity and everything after that. But it stopped in Map of the Soul: Shadow when he released his third solo song Filter cause he accepted that lie, or should I say he embraced that lie hence it's no longer a lie so in Set me Free, he is finally freeing himself.

    Hence the album title "Face", not just the face as in the facial features of a person cause I'm pretty sure that what other people would mostly think, but anyways the "face" he is referring to is also "face" as in to face something.
    Face yourself
    Face your shadow
    Face your face
    I guess that's probably why in the covers of his face album, there's this circles resembling ripples of water
    Cause when you look at the ripples of water, you would FACE the reflection of your FACE

    Which is genius 👏
    Unfortunately, a lot of people wouldn't get it and would just look at his cover like it's just a plain cover with no creativity or whatsoever.
    Without knowing it's actually a masterpiece.

    If you still think this songs aren't connected to the other songs, you should look at the lyrics cause he literally copied the line "Going insane to stay sane" from ON by BTS which talks about fighting and embracing the pain. Secondly, is the
    choreography. He also recreated the iconic choreography in 'Lie' were he is lifted up while he sang the lines "Caught it a lie, please find the me when I was pure, I can't escape from this lie, please bring me back my smile"
    "Caught in a lie, please take me out of this hell, I CAN'T ESCAPE from his pain, please save me I'm being punished"

    Anyways, Set Me Free is literally like Lie part 2, cause he is finally breaking free from his cocoon. And now he is free like a butterfly.
    Also the great similarities between lie and Set me Free pt.2 is the creation of the iconic screaming or howling of voices in the background.

    Also y'all might not notice this but in the entire choreography of Set Me Free pt.2, he's like recreating the life cycle of a butterfly. In the beginning he's in the center of the backup dancers, the dancers being the leaf and him being an egg, afterwards the dancers would form like round like formation (a.k.a the Fibonacci spiral "Nature's Universal Rule in short THE GOLDEN RATIO) the spiral is found throughout nature and put simply represents our ever evolving journey in life.

    Also in that spiral also symbolize a caterpillar being curled up, then at the end of the MV they would surround him and lift him up pretty much looking like a cocoon and when he broke free he already changed outfit (a.k.a he transformed like a butterfly)

    ( Those actions are like METAMORPHOSIS of a butterfly which also means the change of form in an individual after hatching or birth)
    It's also interesting how the surprise outfit change is also connected to his third solo song Filter were he 'magicaly, changes clothes.

    Just like the changes of outfits in Filter, his clothing in this MV gradually changes, from fully clothed, till he gradually revealed some of his skin, till in the 2nd verse were he fully exposed his skin with all these tattoos written in German from a german poem by Rainer Maria Rilke in the late 1800s that says: "I live my life in ever-widening circles that stretch themselves out of all things, I won't perhaps complete the last one but I intend on trying"
    "I circle for thousands of years and I don't know, yet am I a falcon, a storm, or a might song".

    The poem ask 3 questions:
    1. Am I a falcon that meant to fly above everyone
    2. Am I an upcoming storm meant to destroy everyone
    3. Or am I a great song meant for everyone to love

    Anyways when he he was lifted, he magically re-appeared with white clothes.
    So yeah, the changes of outfits just represents the gradual change or the growth of himself and the last part is were he completely broke free (He's not just revealing his skin to show off)

    Lastly, I'll explain why he decides to symbolize himself as a butterfly and not other animals like a bird that symbolize freedom.
    The reason is simple, he is afraid of butterflies.

    So technically FACE your fears
    Embrace your shadow and
    become what you are afraid of
    In his case, the butterfly which is himself

    So yeah the MV and the song is not as simple as most people think. It has lots and lots of layers and for all the people who doesn't really know much about him, I completely understand that they won't like it or take this song too seriously.

    I've already seen a lot of people that had criticize this song cause he's using "too much auto tune" even though it's obvious that it's for artistic purposes 🙄.

    Also don't get me started about that so called mis used word "OPPS". And the outfit being the same with the back-up dancers complaints.

    Anyways, it doesn't really matter now cause he already said the f word to all of his opposition so he no longer gives a damn 👏👏.
    This is truly a character development.

    "Look at me now
    I won't stop even if they mock me
    Going insane to stay sane
    Raise your hands for the past me
    Now set me Free "
  • Idkbutsupyoutube
    I absolutely love your guys reactions!! 🤍 Thank you for reacting!🤍
  • Carla Banchon
    I swear jimin got me acting in some type of way 😩
  • Sertha Sertha
    Loved the reaction!!! I don’t understand why so many people didn’t like this song, I loved it!! ❤❤
  • Materoa Moses
    Hi #differentlyalike

    Hi Ladies that text on Jimin's body is from a German ppem - "I Live My Life in Ever Widening Circles" by Rainer Maria Rilke. Yep I felt exactly the same when I heard/saw it. JIMIN & the DANCERS SLAYED THIS!!