5.56 sucks so you want a 308 Battle Rifle? Here's my pick!

Published 2021-01-09
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Many people think 5.56 is weak and want something with more power and range. They opt for a big bore battle rifle. What do I think is the best modern big bore battle rifle and what would I choose?

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  • @fwinkler112
    Personally I owned a demilitarized selective-fire G-3 in 7.62 and greatly appreciated it rugged reliability and low-cleaning requirements as it has no gas cylinder.
  • I was 14 years old in 1959 when I received my first deer rifle it was a 303 Enfield. It was a Christmas gift purchased for $14 at Leonard Brothers department store in Fort Worth Texas.
  • I personally prefer the Springfield Armory M1A SOCOM-16, I've put 2K NATO rounds and never jammed, never misfired or slamfired, it's incredibly accurate and the M1A imo has the best iron sights of any Semi-Automatic Rifle. Love how it feels, easy to take down to single components and put back together.
  • @Soapeerandomness
    New to the channel and I think these videos are very well done! One very minor correction to note: The Tavor became the IDF standard issue in 2009
  • @ajaj3196
    Wanted a Scar, could afford the Tavor, I am extremely happy with it so far. It's got to be one of the more high speed/low drag battle rifles of the bunch, yes it's not quite as accurate as the Scar or nicer AR10s, but it makes up for it by being such a tight package and so easy to shoot well within 200 yards.
  • @joebob4609
    I’m not looking for a new gun I’m worried about never getting ammunition again.
  • I have owned several 308 rifles and I profoundly like the FAL over any other variation. The only manufacturer of them anymore is DSA. The recoil is much lower which may be due to their increased weight. I have an artificial shoulder thanks to my service in the Army. So recoil is profoundly important to me. Also I love the reliability of the FAL.
  • I used R1 / R2 (FN FAL)'s 1968 to 1984 and they never let me down. Gas setting on three and a half .. clean, maintained weapon (always .. coming back into base, water bottles refilled and then weapon seen to before anything else).
    Yes, there are more modern equivalents out there, but if no other option, I would settle for my R1 / R2 anytime.
  • @jamesbreeden3061
    I also have a PTR 91, M1A scout and a FAL on order. I will take good 308 over a 556 any day.
  • @69sound81
    Yeah, the bullpup is a very nice battle rifle configuration and the cartridges that fit a 308 action lenght carry a lot more power than those made for short short actions like 556. But maybe I would trade for other cartridge on a normal scenario where the prices and shortage is not a problem.
    The 6.5 CM is an amazing cartridge as well as the 6.5 PRC and the 6.8 Western. The 277 Sig Fury seems to promise a lot too, sadly it lacks support and it is still very expensive if you can find it.
    At the end, I think I would have a 16" barrel bullpup in 6.5 creed and a reloading set for it to keep the cost down and the quality up at the same time.
    If the 277 fury was more common I would opt for it.
    6.8 Western seems to be promissing, but the case is so big you have to give up your capacity (never good in a battle rifle).
    556 has the advantage of greater capacity, lower cost, less recoil and less weight to carry as well as availability.
    But at the end, if you are not into precision long range shooting, you can give that up in favor of the size of a bullpup without thinking.
  • Just remember the rifle weighs more and the ammo weighs more. I personally would go with a FAL because they're a proven rifle. Tons of choices there though. I might be more specific depending on mission per say. If I wanted more accuracy at longer range then I'd go with some other options.
  • @gw10758
    I have always liked the FN-FAL in multiple configurations. TONS of parts available and battle tested for 50 years.
  • @kx8960
    I just got my Tavor 7 last week, in large part due to the very positive videos I saw here on your channel, so thanks! I've shot any number of times over the years (40 or so), but since tons of my friends all had guns and until recently I was d!ck-broke and couldn't afford anything nice, I just shot any number of whatever they had. So, when it came time to buy guns for myself, I picked what I wanted and thought I'd enjoy, not the AR's and other mainstream guns friends pointed me to. My only requirement was that they be quality, reliable guns I thought I'd enjoy. So, I'd never been a huge fan of the 5.56/.223 round after shooting various friend's Frankensteined AR builds, and I'd always LIKED the power of the .30-06 and .308 round. I was originally going to get a Springfield Saint Victor .308 pistol, but there are a lot of reviews out there that it was a "dumpster fire". So, I wanted something dead-nuts reliable, and when I came across the Tavor that from all accounts IS reliable, and with a 17" barrel in the short length of a typical pistol, I was sold. Took a long time to get it, and as it's a busy time of year, I haven't gotten to shoot it yet, but I'm really looking forward to getting it zero'd and having some fun with it. I put an IMI Defense vertical grip/spring-loaded extending bipod on it, and a light, and an EOTech holo with 5x magnifier, and I think that should be about perfect for it, unless I decide to get a Geisele trigger group. As always, thanks for the great videos and keep up the good work!
  • @b0llos
    i also appreciate bull-pups because they offer a compact and nimble platform using a 16" barrel. i guess a lot of people don't like them as much as the ar15/ar10 platform because of the awkward mag well location and they can be challenging while shooting in prone position.
  • I just finished my AK-308 Battle Rifle build that started its life as a Saiga 308-1 with the 21" barrel. I moved the front sight back and installed a 24×1.5 adapter to allow the use of a muzzle device. I also installed a modified and tuned FIME Group Enhanced FCG, and I tuned the gas system to allow for suppressed shooting and better accuracy. My AK-308 is extremely reliable and very accurate with minimal recoil.
  • I really wish the Galil Ace was a part of this as well. I love the selections, don't get me wrong. But I have had some excellent experiences with the ace. It's built like a tank. Definitely on the heavy side compared to these, but it has pros as well.
  • Enjoyed your program . First time I've seen you . My favorite rifles are my Remington 700 and the M14 I was issued in the Army .
  • A PTR91 is most people's best option. It's dead reliable, easy to service, has a decent selection of aftermarket parts, available for a reasonable price, has plentiful and still affordable magazines, decent sights (and the rail version that has a welded picatinny rail).
    It isn't perfect, but it is very good with only a handful of downsides that aren't ultimately that important.
  • I just ordered all the components to assemble my first ar 10 in 308. I’m also trying bear creek arsenal for the first time as well because I really wanted a side charging upper. Great info as usual MAC and maybe I try the Tavor in the future.