5.56 sucks so you want a 308 Battle Rifle? Here's my pick!

Published 2021-01-09

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  • Glenn Wehe
    I have always liked the FN-FAL in multiple configurations. TONS of parts available and battle tested for 50 years.
  • F Winkler
    Personally I owned a demilitarized selective-fire G-3 in 7.62 and greatly appreciated it rugged reliability and low-cleaning requirements as it has no gas cylinder.
  • Lenis Bennett
    I was 14 years old in 1959 when I received my first deer rifle it was a 303 Enfield. It was a Christmas gift purchased for $14 at Leonard Brothers department store in Fort Worth Texas.
  • Man, to me hands down the FAL. Believe or not it qualified to become our fighting rifle but US Army leadership at the time said no.
  • Mockturtlesoup1
    Man, I didn't know the 901 had ambi controls. As someone who shoots long guns lefty, that is something I really appreciate( and surprisingly hard to find in ARs.)
  • Joe Bob
    I’m not looking for a new gun I’m worried about never getting ammunition again.
  • BigWig
    The balanced weight of a bullpup while shouldered is pretty hard to beat
  • Fred Hunter
    I used the fn fal for 10 years as a regular army in a country far away that doesn’t exist anymore. It was an ideal weapon against 7.62*39
  • I am also a huge IWI fan, I have an Tavor X95, and the T7 is on my list...
    awesome choice Tim. 😈🤘🤘
  • Csorba Máté
    Just tried the Scar today..... Instantly fell in love with it.
  • John Bicknell
    Enjoyed your program . First time I've seen you . My favorite rifles are my Remington 700 and the M14 I was issued in the Army .
  • Minute Man
    FAL - carried one for a decade. Would happily go to war with one, even if there are more modern things out there.
  • Paul Robinson
    Don't forget the 100-round beta mags that are double opposing drums. I, at one time, found an AR-10 that used a recoil system like that in the SCAR-17.
  • Chris Lane
    I am new to tactical shooting, and love my POF Revolution in .308. Although a bit heavier than my Windham Arms .223/556, it shoots just as easy.
  • c wolf88
    I bought the Patriot Ordnance Factory gas piston. High quality, but the closer was the great factory support. I sent 1 gun in for an upgrade and they turned it around in one day… at no charge.
  • Tash Vadj
    Great video, thanks. Planning on my first 308 build for home defense, this clip was super helpful.
  • I think it's the muscle memory on the magazine swaps that keeps people away from this bullpup system. Swapping from front to back rattles people. Perhaps if your first rifle is a rear-fed bullpup then it won't matter. I run into this issue swapping from my rifle to my auto-shotgun, which is rear fed.
  • Bob Patty
    For over 50 years I have depended on my HK and never regretted it. It simply doesn’t get any better.
  • Dillon Cruise
    The only thing that is keeping me from buying a scar is the price. I can build a very nice ar10 and a whole armor setup for the price of a scar with irons on it. Another thing is how finicky the scar is you can't really change anything other than the rail on a scar without having to tune it. Even upgrading the plastic hinge to metal can affect how it runs