Space Trailers VERDICT: Is The Low Rider Worth it? (Tested with over 4000 miles)

Published 2023-11-23
Hauling equipment can be a headache, ESPECIALLY if you have an electric car or a smaller car. What if I told you there is an option that works perfectly for your situation? AND it also works great with larger vehicles such as 4 x 4 pickup trucks.

In this video, we review the Space Trailers low rider product. From head-to-toe we review every aspect from the functionality, to how well it can be towed, whether or not its user friendly while heavy equipment is being carried, its security features, and so much more.

If you've made it this far you know love this low-rider trailer! It was tested/towed for over 4000 miles and we used it for a wide range of activities ranging from events to camping and more.

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0:00 - Introduction to Space Trailer Lowrider
0:14 - Who the trailer is for
0:33 - Tongue and connection
1:36 - Well made
2:13 - Mountain Utility Bars s
2:22 - Roof
2:38 - Good for Electric Vehicle
3:02 - Bike racks
3:10 - Promo code coming soon
4:14 - Storage
5:08 - Security
5:16 - Adjustable crossbars
5:39 - Promo code


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All Comments (4)
  • @brendanberry6263
    I've been considering one of these to pull my camping gear behind my 2-door Wrangler. Seems about perfect. A lot of money to spend on what is essentially a utility trailer, but the build quality seems worth it.
  • I bought one of these last year and went on a 4-month 20,000-mile road trip. I pulled it with my Subaru Crosstrek across America four times and couldn't be happier. I put a roof top tent on it and all my gear inside. I love my space trailer. Thank you so much and these is the best value out there. I highly recommend.
  • @steveduncan8136
    Having a really hard time seeing how this is worth $5k. The discount code doesn't work BTW.