Published 2022-12-15

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  • Matt Soreng
    I’m so happy for Brendan Fraser, it’s looking like The Whale is going to be one hell of an emotional roller coaster. Just from the trailer alone shows Brendan’s astonishing transformation and he deserves all the praise in the world for this role. I’ve never read the book so I’m not quite sure exactly what it’s about but I think I’m gonna watch the movie first then read the book.
  • SteeVeeDee
    Some of the train scenes for both Indiana Jones & Mission Impossible were filmed on the local heritage steam railway here in Pickering in the UK. I don't know of anyone meeting Harrison Ford during filming but quite a lot of people met Tom Cruise flying in daily in his helecopter from his hotel in York. He is apparantly a really nice guy and got on very well with us locals.
  • Matilija
    Surprisingly, pretty excited for a lot of these, 65 looks good, JW4 is a no brainer, DP3 is exciting, Last of Us looks pretty good, The Whale looks great, 2023 is shaping up to be a good movie year.
  • PerryPictures
    Most excited for D&D, Shazam, Antman and Deadpool look fantastic too! Looks like we get a lot of action-adventure films to dive into this year
  • I'm looking forward to 80% of these! Be good to finally see a D&D movie that's got a good budget and actors
  • Brooke Wilcox
    Cant lie. Just about every movie looked like a banger to me. Excited about all the sequels too. Shazam surprised me when I watched it, looking forward to see where DC goes with it, now that they have Black Adam as well.
  • Magda Buczyńska
    So many good movies coming next year, can't wait! I'm really interested in The Whale, I feel like it's going to leave me with emotional damage but the acting of Mr Fraser and his dedication to the role is just next level...Talking bout crazy acting William Dafoe gives another shocking performance! I also feel like Super Mario animation will be so fun and probably is going to be one of my favourite kido movies! I missed Transformers lore, cgi looks amazing, love it! Talking about action?! Damn, new Mission impossible and John Wick looks aMazing! And for me it's never too much with super Heroes movies so i'm excited for Shazam which looks even better than first one and finally Deadpool with his hilarious humor and a clown team of Guardians of the Galaxy <3. The last of US looks good and since HBO is a producer I have no doubts it will be epic!
  • Eddie DeSantiago
    Indiana Jones is one of the characters I truly enjoyed watching ~ Harrison started aging so fast that you only noticed it from the first to last movie - A new one in the saga gives Harrison Ford the credits he deserves as an actor ~ Cruise - Pitt - Clooney - Damon - Wahlberg - Downey - Reeves - Depp - Smith - All these actors are going to their mature age just like Harrison Ford - Let's enjoy their movies as long as we're alive!!! greetings.
  • durrty8
    Brandon Fraser is an amazing actor at first I thought the movies he had done for more action-packed films but he is actually a really good actor
  • Songoluffy
    Very excited for 65, Deadpool 3, John Wick 4, Indiana Jones 5 and Transformers 7. Looking forward to a lot of new films and series this year.
  • Bickety Bam
    What I love about so many of these movies is that so many people are going to be introduced to such cool music that I grew up with. While the visuals and the effects get peoples attention, it is the awesome music that will seal their memories in.
  • Dr InDy
    Out of all these amazing movies in which I can hardly wait to see... the Whale holds a special spot in my heart not only for the captivating story that awaits, but the amazing talent let alone performance in which Brendan Fraser will deliver! That man is going to win every award possible this coming year and deserves every bit of recognition too. Love and support like no other! This will be a movie I see in the theater 💯% 👊🧡👍
  • Love or hate him, Tom Cruise does impressive things on the big screen, looks terrific, and does the new mission impossible.
    Keanu Reeves and John Wick 4 must see in my book; of course, it doesn't hurt that he looks fantastic, but then so do all the other actors.
    Adam Driver and 65 look good. I love his voice.
    I've always been a huge Brendon Fraser fan. I am so happy to see him back on the big screen.
  • mrman17
    I'm looking forward to most, if not all, of these films. I think 2023 is going to be a good year for cinema-goers.
  • Eric Nelson
    Adam Driver, in my opinion, is very under appreciated actor. I always hear how people hated him in Star Wars but I did not. I look forward to 65 and am glad to see him back on the screen and as the lead character.
  • MMaya
    Been watching the Mission Impossible and Scream movies since the 90s and still not tired of them :)
  • Joshua T
    Gotta say inside looks like it's going to be really good. William Defoe is a phenomenal actor. So if the script and director are great? Then William will make this a great film.
  • Siêm Bui Văn
    29:00 The surprise ending kept me waiting to the end and after getting to the end it filled the satisfactory hole in my heart. Thank you
  • Andrea Pasillas
    Can't wait to see John Wick 4!! I absolutely love Keanu Reeves!