Kate and Royal Children Arrive for Funeral

Published 2022-09-19
'Kate and Royals Arrive for Funeral'

The Queen Consort, The Princess of Wales, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and other members of the Royal Family arrive at Westminster Abbey for the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II.

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Report by Iain Jones.

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  • Peaceful Life
    The children were so very well behaved Their parents must be extremely proud of them
  • Emily An
    3:25 Charlotte turning around to look for George made my heart melt!
  • yaliso gioouy
    The pain of losing a loved one that is so dear to your heart is immense
  • luxir dlin
    Muitíssimas condolências 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷.
  • Аа Аа
    Великая женщина! Ее жизненный путь, самоотречение ради своей страны, преданность своим подданным, наряду с любовью к своим родным, вызывают преклонение!!! Она единственная и неповторимая во Всемирной истории! Восхищаюсь, преклоняюсь! Спите спокойно, Ваше Величество… Вы пример для миллионов женщин, Вы давали нам силу, мы будем помнить о Вас всегда… Царствие небесное…
  • My Aunt watched the funeral on live TV. She said it was very sad and she was right. My Mom is now watching it on YouTube with tears in her eyes. The British people were very respectful and the Queens family is doing their best to keep their chins up. Long live the King now. 💐💗💙
  • Scott Tanner
    The children were so well behaved, so proud of them ❤
  • I’ve always felt sorry for the Duchess of York. She was always compared unfavorably with Diana.. and made a few unfortunate mistakes in her younger years. Yet by all accounts she loved the Queen dearly, raised lovely well mannered daughters , and never said a bad word about the monarchy or the RF.
  • Jane VanSkike
    The family of Queen Elizabeth have had an opportunity granted to few. She was a legend, taking on such an important duty at such a young age, and doing so with intelligence, grace and compassion. She was loved by her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. But she was also loved by the world. My deepest sympathies to all who grieve for her. She was an extraordinary woman.
  • Hanna J
    I can’t believe George is only 9 and Charlotte 7, they are so mature and poised. Their Gran would be proud how grown up they were and thankful they came to tell her goodbye.
  • denise soares
    Deus, cuide dos irmãos que voltatam para seu lado! Cuide da rainha!🙏🙏🙏Cuide da família da rainha! Que ela reencontre o príncipe Philip logo!❤
  • Liiiiiinda cerimônia como também o cortejo . William e Kate com seus filhos início da tradição para os netos pequenos da rainha. Elizabeth na Glória 🙌
  • Carol Smart
    You can see how difficult & great their loss is. It was unbelievable to watch all the hours of marching & venues of events they went thru to honor the Queen. It was wonderful to see all the great troops displaying their perfect skills to honor their Monarch. No one does it better than the Brits!! The whole World watched with love & appreciation of tradition, honor, & affection! Totally, totally, well done! May She Rest In Peace!
  • Pro 23
    Every time I look at Princess Charlotte I see Queen Elizabeth in her eyes. She really looks like the queen when she was young, I can't believe the resemblance of this little girl to her family in general, she looks just like her father. I can't imagine how hard it will be to attend to such important things at that age, I'm sure she will be a great princess royal in the future. Hope you guys who are reading this are doing okay. Sending love from Spain
  • Volvo 90
    Magnificent send off. Beautifully crafted and executed. Very well done to everyone who had a role however small - Her Majesty would have been hugely impressed I am sure. Very touching images of the young royals and hats off to them as a beacon of our future. Rest in Peace ER - you will be so sadly missed. 👏👏👏
  • Citizen Earth
    Even two days before she passed away, she still met the new Prime Minister of UK. Amazing. Til her last day, she carried out her duty and service to her country and world. That was deeply touching and inspiring to see. She was such a light of an example and her legacy is an inspiration for all generations. RIP beloved Majesty Queen Elizabeth. You are profoundly missed. 🌹🌹🌹🙏🏼
  • Brenda Drew
    This Brit-American watched it from beginning to end! A gorgeous ceremony to honor a great queen and her 70 year reign! Bagpipes always stir the Scottish and Irish in me as well. Princess Charlotte and Prince George were the epitome of well brought up children! May the Queen rest in peace~ "God Save the King"❤💙🍺🌈 Cheers!
  • Alison Parker
    May she rest in peace, she wasn't just a queen, she was a monument. 👑 🙏🌹🕊
  • Holly 1992
    Rest in peace Queen Elizabeth. My respect for her grew even more during these past few years as I watched her endure attack after attack with class and elequence beyond measure. I pray she finds peace and I pray her reunion with Prince Philip be joyful and loving. God bless!
  • My heart goes out to Princess Ann, the only daughter of the late Queen. The bond between mother and daughter must have been very strong. She followed her mother's coffin till the very end. Long live the Princess. 👸❤️❤️