Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 Cinematic Trailer

Published 2022-09-17

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  • Chaden
    I hope we get more trailers like this with dialogue.
  • Con
    Fortnite has been getting a lot better with their cinematics. This is really cool!
  • sonicgalaxy27
    Whoever did the cinematic deserved a huge raise.
  • TimeBucks
    This looks like a very wholesome season
  • Daft Vader
    This looks like a very wholesome season with absolutely no impending doom
  • I Talk
    Everything is chrome in the future.
  • Noj Quotes
    I’ve been playing this game for 5 years and this game still manages to hype me up for a new season
  • I got back into the game at chapter 3 season 2 after leaving in chapter 1 season 5 the game has improved so much since then! Im actually hyped for what this season will bring. I wish I didn’t miss out some of the old seasons though
  • Sammy MJ
    You know this season will be better if it revives the whole 'battle pass trailer'.
  • My favorite part was when they said "It's Chromin' Time" , and chromed through the entirety of the fortnite island. Truly one of the greatest cinematic trailers of all time.
  • Pakistani
    This looks so AMAZING!! Really hyped for this and waiting to see how it turns out!!
  • Hycha Thao
    That looks sick and loving the storyline of it. Really excited for the new season 💯
  • lil_Ninjz
    “This isn’t how it ends” is my favourite line of this season ❤
  • Arshon Pishkari
    The teasers this season look unique 👌can't wait to see what it has to offer 👀
  • ironGirl
    Really exited, hopefully this season will continue with the storyline and bring more newcomers
  • 0:00 at the beginning of the trailer, you can see that the map is from season 2 because of no mushroom biome there, The blimp’s are all in it’s original spot and the windmill island is still there