Burt Ward | The Complete Pioneers of Television Interview

Published 2022-03-11
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Burt Ward, star of the tv series "Batman", sits down to discuss his iconic role and behind the scenes stories.

Director: Steven J Boettcher

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All Comments (21)
  • Anth eic
    So glad he got the part, he made a huge contribution to the classic show.
  • Cathlean Johnson
    Glad he is still with us, we are losing so many of our stars from the 1960s-70s, Batman will forever be a piece of my 60s childhood TV viewing, he's forever "Robin" and he was so cute then..
  • mikentx57
    He was very lucky to have met so many famous actors making guest appearances on Batman.
  • Red Watch
    I was about 3 in '72. The show was on every day at 4pm in syndication. When it ended, I always started crying. One of my first memories of TV. That and Adam-12/Emergency.
    Life on Earth is Burt Ward getting past 1,100 other actors going for a film role he had no idea of; he played himself to get the part. What we see is acting naturally is the big winner.
  • timrob12
    It was very nice to see him Crisis on Infinite Earths. Sure, it was only a little cameo, but it showed that the old Batman series was not forgotten.
  • SoloPilot6
    A whole generation of kids jumped into the family station wagon, fastening seat belts while announcing "Atomic batteries to power! Turbines to speed!" And I can't count the number of times over the years that I've heard guys proclaim "Some days, you just can't get rid of a bomb!"

    The show was PROUD to be campy, but was presented without being farcical -- it was at the pivot point between shows which were made for a family to watch and shows which tried to be edgy and "relevant." Any attempt to do a show like this today would be transparently cynical, but there wasn't a drop of that to be found.

    This is reflected in Burt's activism over the last few years, the "Gentle Giants" program which rescues large-breed dogs and places them into loving homes. Nothing political, no ranting and raving for publicity, just a need that he and his wife work to fill. They don't even demand that taxpayers foot the bill -- they developed Gentle Giants dog food to support their program.
  • crystalheart9
    He still sounds like a kid. I'm glad he got the part, it wouldn't have been the same without him. I was in high school 14 at the time and I thought Robin was cute but Batman was my crush.
  • robost
    That show was so fun to watch. Burt Ward and Adam West were so fun to watch. My brothers were attending Palos Verdes High School when they did some filming nearby the school. A big deal to hear about the Batmobile in the area.
  • Issac Matthews
    One of the Coolest moment's of my life was Meeting Adam West , Burt Ward and Julie Newmar at a comic book convention in 2003 , I think. It Cost me over $ 250 bucks for there autographs but I don't regret it 😁👍
  • Joseph Lloyd
    BW is such a Great person!!
    I saw dogfood on a show & called buy it. He called me back & was super nice, i had no idea who was on line, huge Batman fan of 60s tv show as kid. He was Amazing 🏆💕🌼🍃 & made my decade speaking to Robyn!! Lol
    Wonderful DogFood & Kind Human being!! Ty !!
  • Craig Hoover
    This was a very engaging interview to listen to.
  • Can we just stop and talk about how gorgeous he was back then! I mean stunning! He went through so much...and was the least paid! I mean wow.
  • Jonny Quest
    I'll admit when I was young, my brothers and I all put bath towels around our necks as capes and pranced about the house many times. Batman was such a great addition to my childhood.
  • thewheelerdealer
    I worked in Hermosa Beach and would drive by Bert Ward's house. I got to talk to him a couple of times and he was always nice!
  • Retha Blair
    The therapy sessions must've been hilarious😂
  • James Horan
    This guy fought Bruce Lee to a draw. Well, the Batman producers wanted you to think it was so. And how they ever convinced Bruce to do that was insane.
  • Mister Mooster
    If I could live any celebrities life it's tough to think of one that would be better than Burt Ward's. He had this great t.v. show from age 19 to 21, had all his dreams come true with women and then some, and in the last twenty plus years he's been happily married and rescuing so many dogs, plus he created a dog food to expand the life expectancy by so much of these bigger dogs- what an amazing life. I'd rather live his life over the lives of Bill Gates or Jeff Bezos or Elon Musk any day.
  • ttintagel
    Poor Burt! They just had NO concern for his safety, did they?