A Botched Masterpiece - Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Published 2022-12-24

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  • MangaKamen
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    can i just say it is SO relieving to find someone who actually loves team star’s story. so many other youtubers completely disregard it and then call it bad despite them skipping over half the dialogue :( the story is actually engaging and the characters are so lovable, so i thank you for giving them the love they DESERVE
  • Gravity Hero
    I guarantee that if Pokemon ever does have voice acting the Pokemon fandom will complain that it doesn't sound exactly how they wanted it too.
  • Brandon K
    This is when the yearly releases finally caught up to them. People love to cry "unfinished" because of no Battle Frontier or expansive post-game, or because of Dexit. That's just a game having a lack of content you specifically want. THIS is what an unfinished game ACTUALLY looks like. Something being held together with spit and one drop of hot glue.

    It's a shame too. I got Violet and it's some of the most fun I've had. I even started team building for competitive, something I've never done before.
  • Flash The Monkey
    Here’’s my opinion:

    To Nintendo and TPC:
  • paco salvador
    I feel kinda bad for GF they've been accused of lazy, unambitious and mediocre developers since Sw/Sh but then they started working on two of the most ambitious and fun pokemon games yet and because they couldn't get more time people are shiting on them harder than before.

    I'm not defending the state the games came out, it's embarrassing how many bugs and performance issues the game has, but I wouldn't call the developers lazy, unambitious or mediocre GF still has what it takes to make good pokemon games but not the time
  • Milczek
    I really liked this game's story.
    I never thought I'd have a personal attachment to a box art legendary that goes beyond "cool and strong mon" but the sandwich loving lizards with Toothless like personalities changed that.
  • mariobrojr
    I was burned hard by sword and shield, a good bit my own fault cause the writing was clear as day, but still hurt.
    So I decided to emulate this one at first and I saw a lot more care with added animation, better models, and better texture especial on the pokemon. Saw what they where doing with the open world saw the patch that improved the 5fps walk cycle of npcs and fixed some bugs and it really inspired me so i bought it and I've really been enjoying it so much so that I actually wanna play it again.
    Its just so refreshing to get from this franchise and I can only hope they continue in this direction and studios learn to give game devs time to work on their projects

    Defiantly a 7/10 from me just not enough water
  • Tino The tuna
    I feel like people forget Gen 7s story. I think it’s excellent and I loved it. (Specifically Sun and moon, not USUM). I’d say SV’s story is third place to BW and SM, but still great
  • Under Bandit
    One thing that bothers me with the story is how it feels like Scarlet was the basis of the game and Violet was made afterwards. Since Koraidon feels more believable with eating food, licking people, and being territorial. And the idea of a ride pokemon being better with Miraidon since it actually uses reasonable transportation methods. And one thing I really dislike in this game is the Tera raids, they are so uninteresting and buggy. I don’t know how they even let that out in the state it is in and think people wouldn’t care or complain about it. I really like this game, but besides comp there isn’t much to do after beating the finale which really sucks, hopefully there will be more interesting things to do in the future like with SwSh
  • DashN
    for the postgame they could have a button that just says "battle nemona" since she apparently raised several different teams and it would be a good way to see her original team + make for good postgame content

    they could even have penny "hack" your phone and add that button, knowing nemona she'd probably come running if [protag] asked her to battle
  • mattwo7
    4:57 Even setting aside the "highest grossing franchise" part, Pokemon Masters, a mobile game has voice acting. There's no excuse for a main series to not have voice acting when a mobile spinoff has voice acting.

    I mean Piers still didn't sing in that one event quest but still, it's more than the main series has.
  • DJ Drizzy
    I love the way you draw Meowscarada; she's so adorable! ♥️
  • Siecyl
    in case you wanna know, the "styles" thing for your character is english version only, in other languages (or at least in spanish) it still asks if you're a boy or a girl
  • I for one love the art you make for your thumbnails.
    Art is as everyone knows a way for people to express themselves.
    And I for one can appreciate the work people do to make their work a little more interesting.
    I am also for one don’t really mind if someone does something special for their thumbnails but I appreciate it nonetheless for their work.
    And I really really love your art Kamen.
    So I actually look forward what art you put out for your thumbnails and such.
    As you all heard I believe you’re quite the artist.
    Your art is way better than I can ever make.
    So please, don’t mind what people say to you Kamen.
    Express yourself as you see fit and enjoy yourself to the end.
    I in the end love your art and would love to see u do a drawing stream sometime but by all means: Enjoy yourself, take your time, and express yourself freely.
    And have a merry Christmas and a happy near year!
  • Bluelore
    Making the crystalization color coded wouldn't have worked really. Besides color blind people having issues there is the fact that there are 18 types who do have quite some overlap in terms of color. I mean Ice, Steel, Water and Dragon are all blue and psychic and fairy are both pink.
  • Luke Detering
    I think if Game Freak took a year off next year and then made a new game in 2024, they would have a pretty well polished game given how ambitious SV were.
  • Expirus
    Professor Oak will forever be a based icon in the modern age.
  • ThePickledAuthor
    Level scaling is the one thing that would have fixed so much. Because no matter what path you do or how you do it, you'll eventually out-level the other paths in one form or another.