Surviving in an Indestructible Rescue Tank!

Published 2023-05-20
This is the most capable all terrain vehicle in the world! Today we are using it to survive the harsh wilderness for 24 hours! We must find the hidden supply drops before nightfall to avoid the dangers that come out during the night and successfully survive overnight in this survival challenge.






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  • Loving the newer style so far! You're videos have changed so much within the last year and I'm really enjoying these longer, more laid back vids!
  • @davejr1670
    What a blast from the past! I love your guy’s videos, and I watched them when I was younger, thx for so many good memories! 🙏
  • @PixelStacker
    You guys are one of the few youtubers out there who actually make fun and interesting content, keep going with these survival videos, they are really fun indeed!
  • @sherpusa
    Thanks for coming guys, we had a blast! You guys and your team were great to work with!
  • After binging your videos, I'm so jealous of you guys. You are up to so many things and making so many fun and interesting builds. Meanwhile, I'm struggling to even be allowed to build a small granny flat. They're dragging out the process so much I may not be able to afford it by the time they allow me to build it.
    For now, I'm living out the building dream through you guys!
  • Your videos are so creative, from surviving on a wooden raft in the middle of a lake, to being hunted for 100 hours, nothing can have more creative videos than you
  • @sleepycas7100
    You guys are one of the few youtubers out there who actually make fun and interesting content, keep going with these survival videos, they are really fun
  • I love howdelivers aggressive positivity to get the message across everyone, to do something good for those who need it
  • I’ve been watching them since I was little and I can say they’ve never let us down, thank you Dangie Bros❤
  • I always love the videos I watch on this channel because they are always energetic and full of adventures, adventures are always good for the mind, it's a pity that most of the time the lack of funding make them practically impossible
  • @sparrowt4082
    I would have loved to see this video extended into series, or parts/multiple videos. To me this has "Seek Discomfort" vibes -- I could have watched a 45 minute vid and stayed invested. 😊
  • @deepmcs2669
    Always doing the best stuff. Love watching these. They add a little bit of fun to the day.
  • @zombiewerk7973
    Thanks for risking your lives just for content! That’s why your videos are always the best!
  • @user-vs4ef9uh6f
    I was captivated by the storytelling and narrative structure of this video, it kept me hooked till the end
  • @AAvfx
    "🔥 The Dangie Bros just took survival to the next level with 'Surviving in an Indestructible Rescue Tank'! This video is an adrenaline-pumping adventure from start to finish. The creativity and ingenuity these guys bring to their challenges are mind-blowing. From epic stunts to insane obstacles, they never fail to entertain and keep us on the edge of our seats. Buckle up and get ready for an exhilarating ride with the Dangie Bros! 🚀🎥"
  • @IWazup
    Was surprised to see Clash With Cam aka Dangie Bros show up in my recommended. Couldn’t believe it was you. I used to watch you so much back in the day. Glad to see you branched out and started making videos on stuff you love to do. Keep it up Chris!
  • @BasketballToday
    You guys are on a roll right now! Banger after banger after banger🔥🚀
  • @ES-nw9nc
    I love your survival videos. Good job.