Learn How To Pray And Fast For A Breakthrough with Rick Warren

Published 2016-11-22
saddleback.com/seeking — Have you been waiting for a breakthrough? Turns out, fasting is one of the most powerful spiritual tools you have at your disposal. The Bible has many examples of people fasting before a major victory, miracle, or answer to prayer. In this message at Saddleback Church, Pastor Rick Warren shares how to pray and fast for a breakthrough. You'll learn how to overcome your barriers and experience personal, financial, emotional, or spiritual breakthrough.

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  • Holly Kapke
    My husband told me that he wanted a divorce on July 26, 2022. My husband has been my world for the past 13 years, i can't imagine life without him. I have switched my prayers from wondering why this is happening to asking God what he wants me to learn from this. If you are reading this please pray for a much needed breakthrough in our relationship.
  • OuttaSpite
    I’m just now starting this on 10/17/22. I need a spiritual breakthrough, a financial breakthrough, a relationship breakthrough, a health breakthrough. I’m giving my life to you Jesus and putting all my faith in you. You are my lord and savior. Let your will be done in my life in Jesus name amen 🙏
  • I found this message 4 years later and started my 34 days of fasting and prayer, today Oct 7th 2021. I believe God will bring a breakthrough in my life soon. Thank you Lord for bringing me to this message and keeping me on this fast. Thank you Lord.

    Update: My breakthrough came after finishing my fast for 34 days. My fast ended on Nov 9th 2021 and two weeks later I started to get correspondence from the organization I was waiting on. On Nov 24th I got the first response after waiting since May 2021 to hear back. On Dec 2nd I got another letter from them and on Dec 15th, the process was completed. God can do anything. Trust God and Pray. Prayer works even if it's hard and u don't see an answer immediately. God hears. I can't thank God enough for answering my prayer.
  • Anonymous B
    "Never fight a battle without asking God FIRST!!"
  • Vik
    I am a Hindu, but I admire and love the way you reflected the word of God contained in holy Bible through your words.
  • Penny Kibor
    God has a reason as to why I arrived at this message 5 years later.
  • miya merly
    Pastor I heard this message in 2019 December ,I was in lot of pain mentally at that time. I wanted a breakthrough. I did fast and prayed and sought the lord with all my heart. From 2020 God spoke to me in my dream and made me understand what I was going through. I did get breakthrough in my life from then till now. Praise be to God..... Thank you so much for opening my eyes..... May God bless you abundantly and all who are with you.....
  • Elias Garcia
    God has worked his wonders in my life and a couple weeks back I started reading his word and praying like I’ve never before. After he took addiction out of my heart I decided to give my life to him and to get baptized at my uncles church. After I told my fiancé how I felt & how I wanted to change my life and turn from sin and start living for God and putting him first. She started to resent me and told me she doesn’t want to be with me anymore. I’m so torn for our child but I have faith God will take care of everything. I’m starting my fasting today & I ask for your help in prayer 🙏
  • Jamielee Arendse
    Im 21 and i have attempted fasting several times and i keep struggling to do an actual real fast. I am in desperate need of a financial breakthrough, I decided to start small and do a 6 to 6 fast from tomorrow, please pray for me.
  • Gillian Wong
    Just started my 30 day water fast that the Lord has called me on. And it has been the most painful and suffering moments of my life. But watching this has given me hope that my pain isn't for nothing, there is a purpose for my pain!
  • regina damian
    I started fasting today 26/4/2021.... And I believe God is going to change my life in all aspect for good 😇 and I hope he will change yours too to whoever reading this 🙏❤
  • Brooke Edmond
    I started fasting today. I pray everyone else that reads or watches this knows I’m praying for them and receives the breakthroughs meant for them.
  • Jason Hasson
    My wife left me January 1st this year. I’m really praying that God restores our marriage. It’s been beyond difficult for me
  • Corri
    I am going to fast for my child. My child who lost function in both legs. I know my child is meant to walk and will walk again, but it is hard in this situation. Please pray for a full recovery.
  • Brandi Angela
    This is Much More than just a sermon. This is how to live!!!
  • joanna isidro
    i was at the midst of dancing with my headphones on. listening to random music,then i accidentally pressed the next button then saw this ☺️ God wants to talk to me through this ❤️
  • beautiful2lu
    Wow. What a powerful message. God wanted me to hear this because he's about to start a breakthrough in my life. Thank God for this message.