"Waggle waggle waggle!" Hannah Waddingham on 'Home For Christmas', Bond, Taskmaster and... Spears?!

Published 2023-11-29
Hannah Waddingham joins BBC Radio 1's film critic, Ali Plumb, to talk about her new musical extravaganza at the London Coliseum, 'Home For Christmas'. She discusses her favourite Christmas films, her love for Taskmaster and also considers what it would be like being cast as M in the the next James Bond film!

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All Comments (21)
  • @AH-te5gs
    Hannah on Taskmaster? YES PLEASE!
  • @PokhrajRoy.
    She’s absolutely fabulous and I hope she makes everyone’s Christmas better. Hannah Waddingham did the Christmas Thing.
  • @rismau83
    Their chemistry is wonderful.
    She is amazing ☺️
  • Could she be any more charismatic & wonderful??! Hard to imagine 😍
  • @heyitsheidijay
    Been waiting for this one since Ali's instagram post and it absolutely delivered 🥹🥹 Hannah is just the most delightful, and this interview was just so lovely! 🩷
  • @jsio3820
    She is SPECTACULAR!!!!! LOVE HER!!!
  • @EricaGamet
    Ari Plumb coming in hard with the best interviews, as always! Hannah is the best... does she know the whole world wants to be her friend?
  • @denisecopley1294
    Fabulous interview again by Ali. Hannah always a delight to watch and listen! ❤
  • @TheDarq0n
    Hannah Waddingham must be protected at all cost! face-fuchsia-tongue-out
  • @Micsq4lv
    She’s so great! Wish she was in another series - selfishly, so I could see her all the time. Great actor and performer. Her on a taskmaster special would be awesome too.
  • She is so funny and charming and such a treasure!!!!! They have talked about rebooting Bond and going with someone younger if they do that then she could play a younger version of Judy Dench's M. I so look forward to watching her special.
  • @chandramas
    Ali.... your interviews are always the best!!!!! Thanks for Asking Hannah the real questions and not the same 3 questions !
  • @RogueCylon
    Every generation there comes a woman that represents the best of British. Hannah is this generations best.