Published 2022-03-25
Kirby And The Forgotten Land is a new 3d platforming game for Nintendo Switch! This is Part 1.
Game - www.nintendo.com/store/products/kirby-and-the-forg…
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All Comments (21)
  • The Radiance
    yub and the vocalist both singing and essentially having an argument is the best thing, especially when yub first tried it lol
  • Taco-Thing
    I love how YuB says “You have to be filled with hatred to not like Kirby” when most main antagonists in Kirby games are literally just pure concentrated hatred and negativity
  • McYum
    With the amount of Kirby involved content on this channel, now is definitely the time to make an actual kirby video.
  • Super Kirby
    YuB playing kirby was one of the most desired things I've ever wanted.
  • xd Jade
    This game itself is a 10/10, but yubs gameplay and editing just makes this so much better
  • Luigiexe
    You know Kirby is the physical manifestation of good energy
  • Toastisme
    I like how yub starts singing when he gets to the city when thousands of people probably died there
  • AxstroNiue
    Yub: He is literally a ball of pure happiness
    Literally in Kirby Super Star: Kirby cracks the whole star planet in half
    Kirby: Are you sure about that🤨
  • Dumb Idiot
    "He's just a ball of happiness"

    Matpat: we will see about that
  • Bratdoyouknowme
    “He’s literally a ball of pure happiness•
    Also kirby: broke an entire planet in half in super star, managed to kill someone who could possibly be the source of himself star allies, can literally suck queen sectonia’s health bar in triple deluxe, managed to kill a powerful alien creature in this game, managed to kill someone who split him into 10 bodies of himself in kirby mass attack, managed to kill a gigantic deadly robot with one ship in kirby planet robobot
  • Micah Fondren
    PLEASE MAKE MORE OF THIS!!!! IM SO EXCITED FOR A NEW SERIES!! also in my opinion the second microphone sounds better, but either one is okay!
  • YuB: "He turned into a snowman."
    Me, who also lives in texas: ah yes, we love building our SPRING-SHAPED snowmen every 6 years
  • EddieConfetti
    I do not care what anyone says about Yub taking a while to finish the game. He isn’t taking too long, he’s taking the time to actually appreciate the game. If YouTubers were finishing every game in ONE episode, there would be no good games left to play.
  • MellowMoons_
    Kirby is a mood, sucks up everything and is always so happy-
  • 600 Bees
    I don't think there will ever be a rivalry greater than japanese singer lady and yub