I Spent 100 Days on Just Bedrock (im not kidding)

Published 2023-11-19

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  • @lakelol
    I feel like Jaron can do actually any challenge ever... Keep it up! 😅
  • @A_GodApple
    summary of this challenge: Jaron gets full diamond armor and tools but spends 45 days trying to get wood. Also known as PAIN
  • @TimeBucks
    Jaron always makes the weirdest challenges
  • I honestly really like that Jaron is willing to go over 100 days instead of “oh I’m only a few days from getting a max beacon, but that’s the time limit!”
  • @jackgartner3110
    With the number of days reaching 112, the Stardew Valley music becomes retroactively even more appropriate
  • @Repicheep22
    First 100 days challenge I've seen that actually feels different. So many of them just follow the same "Ridiculous limit makes the early game near impossible, but once a Nether portal is made, it becomes a standard play through" format; it's just tiring. This was a delight to watch!
  • @username5155
    18:08 Beetroot had a use like 10 years ago when it was added to the Pocket Edition betas. It was a nice early game food source that doubled as an alterative way of getting rose red dye.
  • the conveyor belt made me laugh so hard, its also so cool that the dirt world knowledge came in handy on this world. I'm convinced jaron could do any challenge
  • I love the challenges that jaron makes so much, and I know how much effort he puts in with them, so I don't know if It's too much, but can you make 200 days?
  • @Spangello
    Hey Jaron, I got a tip for you if you plan on continuing this world. Since you have 4 dirt, there are two ways you can get an infinite amount. The first way is to collect loads of gravel from the nether, then combine it with dirt to make coarse dirt, then use a shovel or hoe to turn it back into regular dirt. Another way is if you're able to get moss and a spruce sapling from a wandering trader, you can take the moss and stone, the use bonemeal to spread the moss turning the stone into moss, and then plant a 2x2 spruce tree which will turn the moss into podzol, allowing you to collect more dirt.
  • @Shadowsoul2701
    For weakness, you can actually just sit in a boat with a witch. The witch will occasionally throw weakness potions when the player is within three blocks, and it being in a boat will cause the potion to go over your head.
  • What I like about these challenges is that they may turn otherwise insignificant things such as wandering traders, beetroot, and lightning rods into useful assets.
  • @chases5376
    For future chanllenges like this, you can double your dirt if you get gravel from the nether as you can craft 4 course dirt with 2 dirt and 2 gravel then hoe it to get regular dirt back. So long as you have gravel you have basically infinite dirt from just 2
  • @kitchensink871
    You should do a part 2, these little-known mechanics are amazing!
  • @HelloIAmAnExist
    A lot of steps here weren't optimal, but it actually made this one of the more unique 100 days I've seen.
  • You could have gotten oak saplings from the wandering trader so you can get apples. Also moss can be bought from traders and they can grow azalea tree saplings if you bonemeal them
  • @Hahzi
    I love how you prioritise your goals over the day count, it's so much more satisfying to watch ❤