Turpin Children l 13 siblings allegedly held captive at home by parents l 20/20 Part 2

Published 2018-01-20

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  • “I never seen them abuse them” not allowing your child to sit without permission is definitely abuse. Locking your child in a bedroom for hours at a time is abuse.
  • This is a perfect example of why I never listen when someone tells me to "mind my own business" when it comes to children and animals. Every single person who noticed strange things going on with this family and never reported it, is responsible for the abuse these children endured for years. People need to realize that children and animals rely on responsible adults to keep them safe. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being concerned about someone else's children or animals. REPORT YOUR CONCERNS!!!!!!!!!!
  • @flossyess5126
    “They never touched me, I’ve never seen them abuse the children” as if physical abuse is the only abuse ….
  • @WillPage
    My sister and I suffered almost as badly as these kids did. Take it from me, nobody does anything to help you. Even if someone knows, it's easier to turn a blind eye. Also, for people who are only briefly in your presence, you put on such a good show because it's your job to make your evil caretakers look good. We did go to school, in raggy clothes that were too small, and shoes that hurt, other kids make fun of you for your clothing, even teachers on occasion, when kids would go on excursions, or camps, you and the other 2 or 3 neglected kids would spend all day in some crappy classroom doing nothing. I would get into trouble with teachers because school fees weren't paid, because I couldn't pay the $1.20 for home economics class (the one place I hoped I'd get a meal, but if you don't pay, well.) and the list goes on. Eventually, you try and steal food, because you are just so hungry all the time and then teachers would catch you and call the parents you are terrified of. My stepmother had 2 kids older than us, they were brought up normally, played with their friends, ate biscuits and sandwiches, and drank milk and juice, etc, if we touched any food, we would be in real trouble, the older two had their own food cupboards. For breakfast, my stepmother would 1/2 fill a mug with milk and put it out for hours until it was off, and then we would have to pour it over our tiny daily ration of home brand cereal. I complained once about it being off and she stood by me making me finish it. After a while, you know your place, you are not allowed to ask for food or anything that you need. I could write 500 more lines, but my point is, nobody does anything and you are simply abused. This sister in this clip should be ashamed, I wouldn't stand by and let a dog be treated half as badly as she let her nieces and nephews get treated. The real pieces of sh_t here though, are those horrible parents. If you are wondering, my sister and I are both mostly happy, and successful in life; you can only keep good people down for so long!
  • @jamieg4464
    Everyone failed these kids...I wish them the best of luck and a hopeful happy life I couldn't imagine went they went through .
  • @xYellowFangx
    Severe strictness is first sign of abuse. Controlling behaviour and keeping away from other family is also first signs.
  • @creator2149
    Psychopaths don't abuse in front of people. People need to know this
  • @zari2662
    They broke into the bathroom and refused to leave until they watched her sister get out??? Yet she didn't think once to be concerned about the children and or to speak up??? I have no respect for her doing this interview. This isn't regret it. This is greed.
  • Did she not find it strange and disturbing that they would unlock the bathroom so they could watch her get out of the shower??? That would've been a huge red flag
  • The first sister seems like a sociopathic narcissist herself. She made sure to say “For the record, he DID NOT TOUCH ME.” and then “One thing I wanna make very clear, I never saw any type of abuse.”
    It just stood out to me what she said and on top of that she’s acting like she was put in the hot seat. This is a documentary not a courtroom?? Also she doesn’t even refer to them as her cousins, it’s more like they’re a group of blank faces that belonged to her sister.
  • @X0ticaGaming
    I have 3 young children and this breaks my heart. To know people like this exist. How could you do this to anyone?!?! To your own flesh and blood?!? I’m happy this girl was brave enough to stand up for her siblings!!! God bless her!!!
  • @greyline1012
    This sister saw all the signs first hand yet did nothing! Omg. Utterly sickening.
  • @nellswell
    I take everything that this sister says with a grain of salt, and believe that she took advantage of a horrible situation to get her "15 minutes of fame".
  • @dannij7081
    Very sad to see this. It's a tragedy that it finally took the courage of a 17 year old girl to stand up and be the voice for herself and her siblings. May God continue to watch over and bless those 13 angels.
  • @debyecleide
    After their arrest, then everyone comes to the spotlight to say that “things weren’t right”. Sad that kids had to live that crap life for years and years! So much wasted!
  • @lisapayne6350
    This is so heartbreaking. If the whole thing isn’t tragic enough, the Dad has to have the creepiest haircut ever. Those bangs are a good 6 inches thick
  • @krabby-patty
    6:00 I couldn't believe when that neighbour said she used to go to the Turpins' house and see the baby unsupervised for hours. That alone should warrant some concern, especially as the family is very elusive and secretive about what is going on behind closed doors. If this woman had interfered earlier, years of these kids' suffering could have been prevented.
  • @minejaeger5661
    This woman loves the attention. She appears in so many shows in such a short time after her nieces and nephews were taken away from her own sister. She's not right in the head either
  • @stugrant01
    The kids had to stay in their rooms all the time and she wasn't allowed to talk to them, but she never observed any abuse or anything out of the normal.