Rookies Share the Stories & Inspiration Behind Their Tattoos | NFL Network

Published 2018-08-06

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  • Leon Mokwuah
    Us, Black men love, respect and fear our moms. No surprise that most of them have their moms inked on their bodies. love this segment.
  • Tuxedo Mechanic
    I can never tell if Steve Smith serious or he
  • og jenny
    Nobodys mocking at me anymore. Lamar is the best thing that ever happened to football. Im so greatfull he even exists. Im not the smartest crayon in the box, but i knew lamar was gonna stun the world when he got in the NFL.
  • J SneakersTV
    They should keep this up, this is a great series!
  • og jenny
    Ive been obsessed with lamar and his mom since he was in college. That woman is a baddass. Since college, i talked about him, how he is the best football player ive ever seen. Nobody believed me. My mom was not impressed, and i knew he was gonna be good in the NFL, but now, nobody challenges me anymore.
    Im soo happy for him and i knew he was gonna improve and sundays are the highlights of my week, now. Lamarvalous!
  • Michael Chapman
    I hope you guys do this again for the 2019 rookie class.
  • Joe J
    This was a great video idea. Im not a big tattoo guy but i like to hear the backstories
  • B Lusk
    Calvin will be remembered in Atlanta as a legendary falcon under the mentorship of Julio and matty ice
  • AFD13
    Ready for more episodes!!! Thank y’all for uploading this!!
  • Reel Deal
    Them Broward Folks representing ✊🏾
  • Jr So
    Marquez’s back tattoos are dope af
  • thomas
    these are very mature young men. impressive
  • YWS
    Lamar Jackson - Living Legend