Mystery Flesh Pit: The Game | LIVING ABYSS

Published 2023-07-22

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  • @Soul93Taker
    Tyler's not just cryptid hunting, he's cryptid making
  • @XerxesTexasToast
    "Yeah, I'll just wing it" Lixian says, and proceeds to make one of the most effective video adaptations of MFP material out there
  • @Aiden-px9hb
    I love the humanoid thing because if I remember right in the mystery flesh pit lore it was said that humans have probably been accidentally falling into the pit before it was discovered and adapting to the environment and living in it
  • @peacemaker1317
    25:54 I love how in a horror situation Mark immediately gets the mentality of "youre not the monster. I AM"
  • @Inverinate
    Mark, there’s actually a fan novel on ao3 that’s endorsed by the creator of Mystery Flesh Pit, called Down the Rabbit Hole I think? It’s really really good! It’s a Michael Crichton style thriller and really scratches the itch of wanting to know more and go deeper. :)
  • @mydadsaregay
    Markiplier scaring off the humanoid guy and screaming at him is possibly the most markiplier moment of this video
  • @averyeml
    I can tell that Mark’s gonna be an Oscar level actor simply for not laughing at the comedic genius that is “Baja Dick”
  • @Green_Falcon
    If I had a nickel for every game I've seen with working phone lines inside a living organism, I'd have 2 nickels
  • @user-xh7nn1zc9z
    I love how when mark realizes his light scares the monster he just screams at it like a monster lol
  • @potardo9851
    30:36 Can we take a moment to appreciate the poetic and ironic reality of Mark being tiny in game compared to the creature and saying "when they spot you, you're doneso" right before killing a tiny fly that he spots in front of him irl.
  • @GlamouredDreamer
    My favorite thing is when Mark is like “I’ll try one last time” and then proceeds to try like 10 more times lmao
  • @pulvenberg1709
    *Sees an absolutely horrifying amorphous monster*: "Ew. What is that? Is that a dragon?"
    *Finds out it is docile*: "Oh you're not horrible, you're cute."
  • Markiplier revealing the way he texts and it being so on brand makes my whole week
  • 100% recommend Wendigoon for Mystery Flesh Pit story and lore. He did an AMAZING job on going over the whole thing. I always thought it would make an awesome game and movie, so happy to see someone finally did it. 😄
  • @SaisaiDuck
    Mark trying not to laugh at Tyler saying "I think he likes Baja D I C K" is too funny
  • @TheMilitantHorse
    I love Mystery Flesh Pit a lot, primarily because of how local it is to my home town. the whole thing takes place in the Permian Basin and my home town is just outside that. Plus, the level of detail that is put into this series is just impressive, including the super well written disaster report that reads just like a real government document.
  • @Sockums
    Wow. Lixian did a good job on that informational video, genuinely.
  • @zollimma6574
    Mark: throws away the fauna instructions
    Also Mark: Well, what are you supposed to do?
  • @khazz33
    Informative diagrams of creepy things that don't exist is one of my favorite aesthetics
  • @bookworm704
    The most realistic part of that informational video (Amazing job on that by the way Lixian) was that you put a preacher in it talking about how it's a pit to hell. Very realistic. Truly brings me back to my childhood.