Courtside Kicks Cash Out ENTIRE TABLE of Dunks at Sneaker Event!!

Published 2022-11-21

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  • @Ayshunn
    "all right you can stop recording"
  • “hey I’ll act corny and you just act corny too, we’ll go viral dude!!”
  • @javiergonzalez3047
    I’d kindly, but firmly tell him “Get the fuck away from my table”
  • @gregbrady8454
    Never could have imagined there would be a market exchange for sneakers.
  • @BigShaneGillis
    If you’re looking to cash out the whole anything, that’s the last thing you want to disclose to the seller off the bat. Showing your hand
  • Haters gonna hate when they see others doing what they can’t reach
  • @samullrich7325
    Do you ever watch a video and ask yourself ‘why was this a video?’ Like it just seems like a flex to me. I kept waiting for him to say he was giving them away or giving them to homeless people or something like I usually see on my algorithm lol
  • @sethbolin5145
    I love the part where he actually buys the shoes……
  • @dmorris38290
    No one ever shows that they actually took them.
  • @FPSYuji
    Alright let’s do it… *starts walking away *
  • @jurrell1986
    After paying he sets up right next to him and charges 300 a shoe😂🤷🏿‍♂️
  • @geohernandez1713
    bro said “like 1600” 0.1 seconds after he asked 😂😂😂