How Much Do Foreigners In Korea Make? [Seoul] | Street Interview

Published 2024-04-05
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DISCLAIMER: The views expressed in this video do not represent that of Asian Boss or the general foreigner community in South Korea.

0:00 - Home country & years working in Korea
0:34 - Job & salary
5:13 - Is your salary enough to get by?
10:55 - Ideal salary in Korea
13:45 - Highest-paying jobs for foreigners in Korea
16:33 - Is there a glass ceiling for foreigners working in Korea?
19:16 - Advice for people interested in working in Korea

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All Comments (21)
  • @Pary_adventures
    Hello I'm Parnika. I'm the Indian girl in the brown coat! Thank you for having me Asian boss! It was such a pleasure.
  • @expatanna
    I’m the editor! Thank you for the opportunity to share a little bit of my perspective on life in Seoul. Loved hearing about everyone’s experiences here. 😊
  • @mariainkorea
    Thank you so much for having me. It was very interesting to watch the other people who were also interviewed! <3
  • @d2master2040
    I am the computer business guy in the video. It was very interesting to see other people’s responses. Great video!
  • @MissyASTB
    I'm the first lady in the video! Such a dream to be in an Asian Boss video 🥰🥺💕
  • @Mo-sv3tc
    I don't plan on moving to Korea, but this was interesting and informative. Thanks to all the individuals who shared their personal experiences and Asian Boss for posting this up.
  • @virtjeon
    Yooo it’s phil. I got a computer from u like 3-4 years ago and u were so nice and accommodating!! Glad ur still doing great!
  • @carolinaho4602
    Wow! This is such an informative and relevant video to reality! Good questions and revealing answers! The situation sounds relatively similar to my country as well. Thank you for sharing!
  • @aaronissohot
    I like the vibe of the girl who's an editor/copywriter, very nice responses to the questions and very well detailed(?)?? haha great video overall guys!
  • @Evangelly06
    Thank you for all your hardwork! Really interesting info. =D
  • @Msal19
    Shoutout to the Asian guy with glasses, getting married and having a kid at such a young age and creating a successful business.
  • @denisng7423
    I respect the honesty from everyone. Really gives a good perspective of living in Korea. Thanks!
  • @savfromsopn
    I lived in Korea for 2 years as an English teacher (2017-2019) and made around $1600 a month after taxes. Back in the US (still teaching), I make around $3000 a month after taxes and retirement savings. I miss the convenience and how much there was to do in Korea, but I could never financially justify going back. The cost of living was comparable to me between the US and Korea (of course my current place of living in the US is a lot nicer than where I lived in Korea, so it's more expensive), so the salary difference makes it so much easier to save for my future.
  • @gregory4154
    Ok man, I'm hooked. Many of us, myself included, appreciate the information you are sharing. This is an awesome channel.
  • @nerd26373
    Well done, Asian Boss. Impressive coverage makes a huge difference.
  • @goonerdoy
    Great video team - the American teacher was very articulate and I totally agree, Work-Life balance FTW❕️❕️❕️ Anyone know where the Asian guy in glasses is from ❓️
  • @jlee324
    I’m stunned. These salaries (as well as per the Japan interview) are terribly low, as if salaries have been stagnant for years. I would hope people are taking time to gain financial literacy towards a more secure future, especially as most the jobs these ppl work will be redundant as technology scales across economic sectors.
  • @dt21467
    Surprised how low the US qualified attorney's salary is.
  • @wormemc
    I lived in Korea for 14 years. I love hearing these opinions and experiences. I really enjoyed my life in Korea.