Daniel Defense Delta 5 Pro

Published 2021-11-25

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  • LAtoBKK
    Outstanding video Ray: I saw via email notification from DD that the Black Delta 5 Pro came back into stock at DD about 2 weeks ago. I was going to wait for the Dark Green to come into stock but seeing that Black up close in HD Vid seals it. Beautiful Rifle. Also really appreciate you going into extra detail about the play in the bolt action. Other reviewers had mentioned it as a possible negative, but they did not really go into detail. You did and it makes your review stand out from the rest. Happy Thanksgiving!
  • Daniel
    I've shot the Delta 5 in 6.5 Creedmoor and shot a couple different Delta 5 Pro's in 308 and 6.5 Creedmoor. They're pretty sweet shooters and would love to own one. I have a TC Performance Center LRR in 6.5 Creedmoor that I would put in the same class as the older Delta 5 but the Pro is a freakin hammer or at least the couple I've personally shot were. Great video as always keepem coming brother and Happy Thanksgiving!!!
  • Bryan DuChane
    What a great production rifle!! DD makes some of the finest barrels in the business!! This rifle will be a big win for DD!!
  • Minsoo Kim
    I love your shooting style. You just shoot no wait no hesitation. True expert
  • Sigboy
    Continuing with a great service to the gun community - putting a new firearm through its paces and proving to us all it is worthy of becoming a part of the family. I can think of no better imprimatur than having Ray say a firearm is so good he wants one. "Honey, where's my checkbook, there's something I need to buy?"
  • I’ve been on the fence about building vs buying production. This has been my deciding factor. Thank you!
  • Kite Okoh
    Thank you sir--always love your content and your videos helped me with getting into my 1st PRS season this past summer. Hope the holidays are great for you and family! Cheers sir
  • Edward Pierce
    I love mine (standard version) in 308 and just picked up a 6.5 barrel - funny part was that, the Hornady Match in 308 @ 178 grain was not liked by mine only getting to 1 MOA - totally frustrating. That said, Federal Gold Match @ 175 got me down to .4 MOA. great system
  • mer06
    I've heard the delta 5 pros are sick in 6 creed. Glad to see it verified. Can't wait to get my hands on one. I agree, definitely needs a folding stock option.
  • Joe M
    Happy Thanksgiving Ray! I think this a great all around competition rifle. For purely PRS matches, I think there are better "production class" rifles. It's hard to beat the MPA or GAP production guns for PRS.
  • Glad to see this rifle performing well. I attended the press event for the first gen of this rifle a few years ago, and while it was nice, it did have issues with the bolt. Thanks for the vid brother.
  • I owned the original Delta 5 ...it was really accurate, but it did not have the chassis. And it was a .75 shooter, not what you have there. I traded it. I may buy one of these, now that you have put my concerns about the bolt "slop" to rest. Very well done video evaluation, Ray.
  • Ini Kamoze
    Great video. My .308 Delta 5 in the regular stock shoots .5 MOA all day long with Federal GMM and a Vortex Viper PST Gen 2 5-25. Had issues with the trigger not cocking reliably below 2.5 pounds. Set to 2.8 and issues resolved. Probably going to call DD about that, but it is my ONLY complaint about this rifle.
  • Steve Gregory
    It would be awesome if you could review the b14 premier competition in the mpa chassis that also qualifies for production class.
  • steve carter
    I’m with you Ray. The folder would be the icing on the cake ! They say later this year maybe ?
  • Glad to see you got your hands on the DD5Pro. So, I'll pose this question to you again. For the money, the MRAD or DD 5 Pro? Also , is there a way to add weight if using the 6.5 to mitigate hop and provide faster follow ups? Considering selling my 6 creed RPR and unused Krieger barrel to purchase the DD 5 Pro is why I ask. Do see see a 6 ARC in DD 5 Pro future? Hopefully you'll be able to compare it to a Bergara LRP 2.0 sometime. Thanks again.
  • Dru Bradley
    That is one nice looking rifle... This may sound odd, but, that hand guard, how it mounts to the main frame area, that shape and lines, looks really cool. It is like it has the body lines of a 1988 Ford Thunderbird Turbo Coupe or a 1988 Chevrolet Monte Carlo Super Sport. It is appealing to the eyes.. Don't get me wrong, I have allot of silly looking firearms that I still like, and I have some that look clever and do not shoot worth a darn.. But it is exceptionally clear, that Daniel Defense, has pulled it off again, with this Delta 5 PRO. It not only looks good, and looks like it is solid, you just show cased that this unit will perform. The recoil looked minimal with this cartridge, of course also, due to the front end doing its job, but, at the close out of the video, you mentioned, the addition of a "6.5"... I can only assume it will be the 6.5 Creedmoor... Due to the availability of that series of cartridge. What would be kick b*tt to witness, is this chassis system slugging out the 6.5 PRC dinky magnum cartridge, But, due to the limited supply of raw PRC building materials, like brass mainly, even though we have claims that 5 different stampers are knocking that brass out or at least have the ability to do such, still, I haven't seen the 6.5 PRC brass on the shelves is almost 2 years. and a year for the factory ammo. Come on, ADG, Petersons, Lapua, Hornady... get to stamping.. Oh, and the color of this chassis is appealing as well. Thank you for showing this. as always, Pardon the novel.
  • patthis
    Great review and shooting as always... how does this compare to the MPA you reviewed a while ago
  • Awesome video . That’s a very well thought out chassis system. Thank you for the review of this chassis system
  • ian robertson
    I’m looking at this exact rifle for precision shooting. Thank you for the review! Tell DD to give you royalties because I’m sold haha