15 PHILIPPINES Scams, Rip Offs & Tourist Traps (Watch Before You Go To Manila in 2024) !

Published 2024-04-24
What are the BIGGEST Scams, Rip Offs & Tourist Traps to avoid on a trip to the Philippines in 2024? We walk around Intramuros, Mall of Asia, BGC and More and tell you what to watch out for. Make sure you leave a comment down below and let me know if any of these Rip Offs have happened to you!

Watch this BGC Video!
   • Filipino American Visits BGC Manila P...  

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All Comments (21)
  • Scam is not all over Asia it's also in Europe so as Western world
  • @johnmcaulay8448
    Scam 1 - Make sure it's a girl, and don't get a big surprise.
  • @jarihult
    Good advices and tips for avoiding most of the rip offs🤔😎Thank you for sharing Jay🙂👍!!!
  • @loganz
    Not really a scam, but if you book a tour where a driver takes you around to different tourist sites, double check if your tour rate includes entry to those places you're visiting or if you need to pay for it yourself.
  • Appreciate the info brother love the channel keep the videos coming
  • @dinnes3375
    WOW! So well described and balanced. Thanks!
  • @momcation9786
    Awesome! Highly informational video. It’s helpful for tourists to have an enjoyable vacation experience not only in the Ph but anywhere else in the world! Thank you Jaycation for the effort!
  • @alexwallace6120
    Thanks !for the good advice .You have to b careful anywhere.
  • @user-xq3px1hu1x
    Scams not only happened to the foreigner but to the local either. It is particularly if they notice you look like an ignorant person coming from the province.
  • @SeanKaleponi
    Good tips Jaycation. I liked getting the fake jerseys and shirts. And good advice on not getting fake shoes since that could actually hurt your feet.. Also, I never thought about the drinks and how it could get spiked. Very valuable information all around. Although if the food looked good and the vendor may not be licensed. I might just take a chance. Lol. But I can say that you at least warned us😁Glad you have safe travels in 🇵🇭
  • @rosst1
    Good video thanks for your advice. You reference a lot from the USA that I did not understand as I don't live there.
  • I learned my lesson regarding the weigh of my bags, and had to pay, $120 for 14 pounds over, got one of these luggage scales, now, before i head to the airport, i already know that is 50 pounds even, in each one, regards from Boston MA!
  • @user-oo3lh1ls4r
    You give the best advice kababayan. Some of these foreigner vloggers are dishonest and telling everybody that Philippines is safe and honest but its a click bate.
  • The hand scale for the luggage is a new one for me. I didn't even know that thing existed. I just ordered one from aliexpress. Great info.
  • @kinichi20
    Great tips but these scams are everywhere, not just in the Philippines