MrBeast's Rich Janitor

Published 2022-11-21

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  • @cemjgamer7388
    Yo I thought they were the Three Amigos from childhood
  • bruh this is a whole succes story. imagine being so shy to talk to your boss but then getting to experience the crazy stuff he does WITH him and being one of his best friends
  • @Just-Danish
    This video was the moment my entire world flipped upside down.
  • "you may think this is because he won some sort of challenge, but you couldn't be more wrong" 🤣🤣

  • The most awesome and simultaneously luckiest janitor who got his own life turn upside down(in the positive way.), Chandler Hallow.
  • @CoOlBaNanA135
    ….and his name is chandler, bye
    Me: wtf u can’t just leave like that…
  • @bonez6505
    I can’t believe that Chandler used to be a janitor I never knew that
  • Teacher when chandler was in school: You have grades so bad you’re gonna be a janitor

    Chandler now:
  • @blazecuber
    Salute to Chandler of him cleaning up everything they did
  • When I saw chandler and then I remembered “if you thought it was because he won a challenge you would be completely wrong”
  • @user-mn8jw6jt1e
    I guess its true history repeats it self I’ve heard about this like 14 times by different YouTubers ugh
  • @calialmeida6469
    I swear my whole life has been a lie I never would have guessed Chandler was a janitor.
  • @murphy3418
    Yo damn! Can you make one about Karl too?

    Edit: Damn, 67 likes in 15 nins in my record!