MrBeast's Rich Janitor

Published 2022-11-21

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  • @JakeVR..
    First also can you pin my comment
  • Chandler was his Janitor and Karl is his brother's video editor. They were at the right place at the right time. Their lives totally changed when they joined the crew.
  • @Matt11211
    It went from Chandler being scared of Jimmy to Jimmy being scared of Chandler
  • @mondocabezo2964
    “The janitor is so funny I pooped my pants”💀💀💀
  • @Arctic_editzz
    The “you may think this is bc he won a challenge,but you couldn’t be more wrong” couldn’t be more right🤣🤣🤣
  • @OlWest05
    The channel wouldnt be the same without Chandler, hes a key component to every video
  • @tunittoproitt
    bruh this is a whole success story. imagine being so shy to talk to your boss but then getting to experience the crazy stuff he does WITH him and being one of his best friends
  • @CreeperNerdy
    MrBeast is such a humble and kind person that made Chandler become rich as him.
  • @omniverse7976
    Me seeing the blurred out chandler at the end: “Hey isn’t that Chan-“
    “And his name is Chandler.”
    my mind: fucking blown
  • @EvyIsTheBest
    Me: thinking I would not know who it is
    The guy:Chandler
    Also me:😳
    Edit: I hate to be that person but MOM IM FAMOUS
  • @randomroll2892
    Teacher: You're just gonna be a janitor if you don't study
  • @InsertName101
    "you may have thought he won a challenge"

    *proceeds to win an island*
  • @Joshua-kn8fs
    I would love to work for Mr. Beast. He seem genuinely cool and a genuine human being.
  • @christopherxgordon
    I didn't know Chandler was the janitor. I just thought he was one of the boys
  • "His name is Chandler"
    "Yo the heck i thought Chandler was always his buddy-
  • @BlueV205
    When you said "janitor" I immediately knew it was Chandler. Only the OG boys remembered him back when he was just another background character lmao.