I Tried Rug Tufting For The First Time

Published 2024-05-07
HELLO FRIENDS!! As a chronic craft content consumer, I've always wanted to try tufting my own custom rug - so we headed to Freestyle Ceramics & Tufting in Chicago to attempt to conquer the art of rug tufting!! I wept, I cried, my arm died - but at the end, I think I finally got the hang of it - and ended up with a cute midnight sky blob design. What do you guys think of our rug tufting creation? And what craft should we try out next??

Big thank you to Erni and the rest of the crew over at Freestyle Ceramics & Tufting in Chicago! You can check them out on Instagram here: www.instagram.com/freestyle_ceramics_tufting/

Check out the rug tufting artists we used in the thumbnail here!
Koi Fish Rugs: www.instagram.com/rugsband/
Leaf Rugs: www.instagram.com/lm.rugs/

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0:00 Intro
2:05 Off To The Tufting Studio
3:19 A Rug Tufting Tutorial
7:19 Our Rug Design & Choosing Our Yarn
9:37 Time To Tuft
12:03 Adding Shadow Details
13:26 Some Clouds & Some Stars
15:54 Conquering ~The Bat~
17:03 The Hardest Part
18:41 Outlining Everything
19:54 Filling In The Sky
21:19 Cutting, Gluing, and Shaving
23:25 Our Finished Rug!

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  • @safiya
    HELLO FRIENDS!! today, i am armed and dangerous - and you better watch out!! 🧶i hope you guys enjoy this quick video that escaped from our footage vault after a year 😱what did you think of our final rug? would you try rug tufting? and what craft should we try next?? xoxo, saf
  • @alljammedup6781
    "Weaving, crocheting, needlepointing or firearms" is by far the best quote this vid
  • The look of shock and disgust on Cosmo’s face at the end was priceless. He was real mad he didn’t get the chance to sink his teeth into your beautiful rug.
  • @oreodunker1251
    The only channel I can watch without subtitles because Saf speaks so clearly and eloquently
  • @TheGong00zler
    “We were soarin.’ Nay- flyin through the canvas.” THERE’S NOT A STAR IN HEAVEN THAT WE CANT REACH!!!!
  • Erni is such a sweet soul and such a patient woman. I'm sure her business will continue to flourish, she makes tufting look so cool!
  • I always love how seemingly unrelated videos tie back to each other. I understand that like any vacation/trip, you gotta plan ahead of time to get the most out your time, but I just find it funny when they're like, "yeah, remember when we did this? We did this afterwards."
  • @rosedebaene5321
    Safiya and Tyler have convinced me to start taking myself out to do things and try them even if they might seem mad at first, and it's a beautiful thing! Because of them, I got to try flower arranging, ceramic painting, and SO many more things
  • @pheart2381
    So glad you tied your hair up. I once caught my hair in the winding mechanism of a sewing machine leaving me with a rock hard dreadlock which I had to cut off.
  • @doothi
    I feel like Safiya learns things insanely fast... I've been making tufting videos for almost a year now and that rug definitely isn't beginner quality 😭she could literally start a tufting asmr channel on the side haha
  • @ArianaMinaj
    i love how committed she is to just doing shit
  • I love how Saf is now the second person I've seen say that the rug is too pretty to use as a rug after spending hours creating it! Nerdforge was the same. Shows how much effort and artistry goes into making the product and the love of it.
  • @professorwho-yt
    Safiya and Tyler just casually dining at Alinea and glossing over the fact that they had just met legendary chef Grant Achatz the head chef of said restauarant! Which could have been a video all in itself!
  • @ellaronci2703
    "its not magic its just scissors" might be my new favorite quote 😂😂
  • As a graphic designer, that rug shop's logo is PERFECTION ❤❤❤
  • @berrysmsk
    As a graphic designer myself, I was reaaally impressed with Diana‘s work!!! That info graphic with the tufting machine?? Amazing
  • @phr0ggerz_
    "weaving, crocheting, needlepoint, and fire arms" i have experience in all of these and that's a weird combination of things to have experience in
  • @lauren3173
    “Perfect! Should I repeat that? That is perfect!” ERNI IS SO CUTE!
  • @KizuRai
    Every one of these "I tried" from Safiya just brings me joy. She goes into things with such gusto and eager-to-learn energy that even if she messes up it's fine, it's okay, it's not a big deal. She bops right back up and tries it again and Safiya really is wonderful for that.
  • I love that even when you're not really all that good at something, you keep going and going and get better and don't let little hiccups stop you! Especially as a recovering perfectionist/former gifted kid, it's really motivating to watch you do new stuff and film the process, showing off the end result even when it's not perfect. A lot of people who make a living posting online would rather lie about having done something by themself or not post anything less than perfect results, so you guys' videos are a breath of fresh air.