ABC EXCLUSIVE: 20/20 to air Diane Sawyer interview 'Escape from a House of Horror'

Published 2021-11-19
Tonight from 9 p.m. to 11 p.m., ABC 13 will air a 20/20 special called "Escape from a House of Horror." Diane Sawyer sits down for an exclusive interview with the Turpin children, who were discovered captive inside their parents' home.

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  • @cherylc3696
    These girls are such an inspiration!!! They've been through hell, yet they're seeing the good in life and how happy they are to be free of abuse!!! So many people today are SOOOO entitled! They need to watch this program to learn how to be grateful for their blessings. I hope that the government gets its act together and helps these children to find homes where they will be happy and healthy. They need help with their education and to learn how to care for themselves. They deserve
  • @tenofspdes
    Jordan is extremely strong and extremely intelligent, I pray that they stay safe and stay together and heal completely from their chronic tragedy
  • Who is not angered by this?
    The county has given these kids the run-a-round even with 400k of donations in a trust.
    PLEASE PRESSURE the county and do all you can to help them.
  • @karlmonet
    Seeing those brave girls smile is very uplifting.
  • You are all so very brave and beautiful human beings. I am outraged on how the government workers in California failed you!! This is a crime and I hope they pay for what they did not following up on the care of all the siblings. They are as guilty as your so called parents. This should be a crime, not a cover up.
  • It's horrible that they still could not access their trust funds. It's money that was donated to them yet they can't use it to buy basic necessities. Shame on the county system. What's the point of rescuing these children when they can't even spend the money that was donated to them in order to start their life.
  • @hwh888
    God bless these two sisters. They came out the other side brave and strong. I find it just as troubling how the state of California has treated and dealt with all the children. The total bs of state failure and the fact a person from within the sloppy system had to come forward to expose. Now, even to this day they are hiding behind the lame excuses of court orders. There are several people who need to be held accountable for what they do. With that amount of money they received from the public contributions ($600K) that alone should have put them into good housing and social mentoring. I hope after the 20/20 airing last night they get even more money contributed to them. They deserve that!
  • Diane, I hope you're going to follow up about the terrible situation that some of the Turpin family are still enduring. The government officials that are withholding appropriate care and oversight of these children ought to be held accountable. I was just sick and furious at the end of your program. SOMEONE with clout and influence needs to advocate for these kids! They deserve nothing less.
  • are we forgetting that diane sawyer is incredibly rude??? the way she shamed britney spears was disgusting and i’ll never get over it
  • @emilyhorn3401
    I’m so glad that you guys are safe did not changed up any more
  • @lakid9749
    Wow - what a dynamite person she is!!
    And beautiful too in every way.
    I hope Bieber teaches out to them
  • @Aurora-rw9lp
    I’d give a lot to simply hug every one of those beautiful children/adults.
  • @emilyhorn3401
    I’m so glad that all of you are safe and not chained up Any more
  • @marykeeps2964
    How many vow renewals did this vile couple do….I saw two wedding dresses and two different hair styles/hair color on mother….someone please explain….why are some of the children allegedly still living in squalor.
  • I just watch the full 20/20 2hrs special and i realized that this episode is just tiny part of it.. all the 13 siblings was abused again in many diffrent ways by the system and their foster family.. history repeat itself so soon after they were freed from their parents...
  • @katie18002
    Is it possible since Justin Bieber was such a inspiration as well as Kelley Clarkston that they could be reached and informed of this? the tragedy is double fold, because after what the entire family lived through, then again only to be abused a second time by the system sworn to protect them, is just unforgivable. I know if they had seen this interview they would be moved to help, As I am. Is there way?
  • @tucker8804
    Reviewing their vows,or renewing their vows….?
  • @superguy6892
    or Stream on Hulu! week...

    ah well, discovered a kitchen nightmares and divorce court channel on my roku tv....