Super Bowl 51 FULL GAME: New England Patriots vs. Atlanta Falcons

Published 2020-03-19
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00:00 - Start

19:58 - 2nd Quarter

59:24 - 3rd Quarter

1:33:50 - 4th Quarter

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All Comments (21)
  • Danny
  • Tim is Jim
    2:01:52 still one of the greatest plays I’ve ever seen live, game of the century!
  • Jomi the Elf
    Gostkowski’s kickoffs in the 4th quarter were amazing. They managed to pin the falcons deep in their territory for pretty much every possession other than the onside attempt.
  • Widlyne
    5 years ago today… the best comeback in NFL history
  • Cameron Whorf
    At 28 to 3 my dad told me this would be the most embarrassing loss in Super Bowl history and he was right.
  • Davl 99
    The statistic at 1:57:44 says everything about the greatness of that win
  • Angel Valentin
    As a Pats fan from Boston this has to be the greatest super bowl of my lifetime. What a comeback. Still brings me joy.
  • Tom V
    28-3 I thought it would be the most embarrassing loss ever.
    I wasn't wrong.
  • Hayden Reese
    I just remember sitting on my couch with my Tom Brady Jersey on. I was upset and my brother kept laughing at me because the Patriots were being destroyed and I thought it would be a terrible night, turned out to be the greatest.
  • Red-Hat Mike
    the GOAT ... is on the field.... what cha expect?
  • nicksprofile
    I'll never forget how I missed the greatest Super Bowl in history because me and my friends went outside to throw the frisbee at 28-3 because we thought we were witnessing the worst Super Bowl in history.... :'(
  • I’m back again, every few months I find myself watching this game again , The Patriots determination and there will to win this battle is just great. Edelman was right , it’s a hell of a story 👍👍
    The NFL will never be the same ever again without Tom Brady. Literally feels like today my whole childhood has gone away. Been watching NFL because of Tom Brady all my life and with him retiring it just feels like there's no need for me to watch it anymore. All his games were top notch and exciting. Congrats to Brady tho he is forever the GOAT. Thanks for all the memories. NFL has lost the biggest star it will ever have. It's like NBA losing Michael Jordan. Damn I am so sad, literally grew up watching him and now it's all over
  • fire bird
    24:44 Atlanta Touchdown (Falcons lead 7-0)
    34:06 Atlanta long pass touchdown (Falcons lead 14-0)
    47:48 Atlanta pick 6 touchdown (Falcons lead 21-0)
    56:48 New England field goal with 5 seconds left (Falcons lead 21-3)
    1:12:30 Atlanta touchdown (Falcons lead 28-3)
    1:22:31 New England touchdown (Falcons lead 28-9)
    1:40:32 New England field goal (Falcons lead 28-12)
    1:46:42 New England touchdown and 2-point conversion (Falcons lead 28-20)
    2:01:52 Edelman’s amazing and famous catch
    2:06:08 New England game-tying touchdown and 2 point conversion (Tied 28-28)
    2:14:41 End of regulation
  • Brennon Goodwin
    Never let Joe and Troy call another Super Bowl. They’re both so chill and nonchalant while some of the craziest stuff is happening
  • Jillian Rydl
    Who else just keeps coming back to this game? Also, congrats on an amazing career TB12! 22 years… we’ll never forget you 💗 edit: HE’S BACKKK HE’S BACKKK 😁
  • Lucas Ortiz
    This is the embodiment of "I'm not gonna lie, they had us in the first half".
  • aspenrebel
    I remember exactly where I was when I watched this game. I couldn't believe it, I was in SHOCK!! My Patriots won another one. I got the "3-28" T-shirt.