Published 2022-08-26

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  • StCreed
    Orbital looks like a very interesting commentary on people like Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk. An old-school sci-fi film. Looking forward to it.
  • Alienoid looks like someone played a LOT of video games and decided to just mash every one into one movie
  • Robert Spencer
    Don’t think I will be seeing Avatar. First one sent me too sleep. Just hype.
  • Cynthia Hininger
    If I see Warwick Davis or Michael pena I'm in. 2very underrated actors
  • Kaputalist
    There is a difference between Fantasy and Sci-Fi.
  • minky1967
    Vesper looks amazing, quite a good compilation, the future in movies is bright :p
  • Alana Dill
    Watching Andor as it streams. It's SO good.
  • Rodrigo Sousa
    willow, shark side and dungeon dragons is fantasy
  • kurisu7885
    Vesper was giving me strong Nausica vibes there for a moment.
  • Rick Clark
    Some decent sci-fi movies coming out. And then there is moon sharks.
  • Minsu Kim
    Restart The Earth looks like God Eater had a kid with Origin: Spirits of The Past. Might be cool. I'm mostly hyped for Alienoid and Orbital though.
  • Brian Ellefson
    Gorgeous new visuals of hero/villain fights, improbable escapes, battles between good/evil, incredible monsters, etc. You'd think they could come up with some equally new, non-formula sci-fi themes.
  • Sharon Broadbent
    Guardians of Time, looks like an updated Lion, the witch and the wardrobe.
  • coffeetime1001
    With today's CG maturity, the possibility of creating anything is endless. I can't imagine showing these clips back in 1980s and it will freak the heck out of everyone.
  • Michael H
    Restart The Earth might be better suited named The Last of Us.
  • moric
    Well... I am astonished beyond belief but I think I like what I saw about SW Andor... and the creators of Rogue One are behind this? Count me in I say for Rogue One was the ONLY good thing about Star Wars in recent years... or do I have to say decades? (Well "The Mandalorian" was okay too).

    The creatures in "Creatures of the Mist" are looking too much like the ones in "Stranger Things"... don't like that and it looks overall very shallow and uninspiring to me.

    "Vesper" looks somehow fresh and promising I guess and maybe "Secret Headquarters" can be funny and good... but the rest I dunno. I don't like "Restart Earth", that's just too much of signaling here that the Earth is our only home and we have to do that and this blablabla. Yeah, we all know that... a good documentary should be way better telling us this than an cheap looking Sify flick like this one here.
  • Paul Thompson
    Shame VAL isn’t in WILLOW…..

    Should be good but not the same without Mad Martigan lol
  • Bullet Ant
    Guardian's of time firstly looks as if someone has been watching too much Narnia, and moon sharks, Sharknado really set the bar for Shark movies and that bar isn't very high.
  • El Cid Secundo
    The Creature of the Mist looks like a prequel to THE MIST.
  • yitz28
    Blank looks like a Sci fi version of Misery