Published 2022-11-25

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  • Why me?
    Turning your foes into literal t-shirts has got to be one of the hardest things I’ve ever seen
  • passer_by
    This took "Don't make me into a marketable plushie" into a whole new level
  • xXaltowolfXxmp3
    Flashgitz is one of the few content creators that can pull off selling furry merch to a non-furry crowd xD
  • jean mouloude
    I love (hate?) how Flashgitz are slowly being recognized as ”the furry warhammer guys”
  • Ricardo Sanchez
    Even the merch videos are part of the lore. Let the Crusade continue!
  • Cybard Sands
    A space marine saying sick might just be the coolest thing ever
  • Suggs
    2 in one week??!! Let Don see his family, please!
  • ProZiin890
    You had me in "support the crusade", the shirt didn't even need to be good, the fact that it's sick is just a bonus.
  • Jim Spencer
    As someone with a background in industrial arts, screen printing this is 100% how it's done.
  • karl nicholson
    your series has made me wanna start a black Templar army
  • GameFuMaster
    I do love how almost incomprehensible their voices are because of the distortion, I wonder how difficult it would be to communicate in universe lol
  • Nathaniel Chavez
    I'm not gonna lie this series got me into warhammer 40k also I bought the merch it's too good
  • Leprechaun
    Every furry crusade video is a true blessing from the God Emperor
  • Jesús
    Ok that merch is straight up fire, looks so freaking nice, I really love the one with the skull and melting flesh
  • SkaWolf360
    This merch absolutely looks sick. Kinda makes me wish creative designs like these were more the norm.
  • RiddlerRooster
    The heroes we did not ask for, but so desperately needed.
  • Juicy887
    Two furry warhammer videos in one week, we are truly blessed
  • goliath
    1st marine: YESSSSSS...HOLY MERCH😇🙏

    2nd marine: SICK🥶🥵

    3D marine: DRIP💪😎🔥🥶🥵
  • Discipol
    I will never get fucking tired of this lore