Timothy Jones Jr. trial verdict: Father guilty on all counts of killing his five kids | full video

Published 2019-06-04
After 15 days of testimony, a South Carolina jury has found Timothy Jones Jr. guilty on all murder counts for killing his five children.

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  • EST
    If you’re a juror watching this, you did an incredible job! Thank you for giving this man what he deserves!
  • Rosanna Barone
    The fact he can stand up and say "I'm insane" proves with no dought he is in FACT NOT INSANE!
  • When the horror of the pointless & tragic murders of Bella, Cece & Nico wasn't hellish enough we now have 5 babies murdered by another evil father, we now have these poor babies abused & discarded by the ONE man that should've loved & protected them!!
    Well done to the Prosecution & the Jury!!
    RIP little Jones Babies! Gone But Never Forgotten!! There are simply no words!!
  • Elizabeth Ann
    Rest easy little ones. The devil will be punished.
  • Clare Chapman
    Not a single sign of remorse! He looked like he was watching someone else receive their guilty verdict! Shocking and very sad.
  • Not one flicker of emotion, he’s like a robot. I could slap that pout right of his face. He’s a monster.
  • Todd Bainter
    This cat is either sedated almost to the point of sleeping with his eyes open or he is absolutely without a soul, without remorse, without emotions and is dead inside. He is an example of why I favor capitol punishment!
  • Joanne
    YES! Now those precious babies can rest in peace! And now Amber can begin to heal... My prayers are with you Amber. I can't believe he has the audacity to smile. He truly is evil !
  • riri
    The way Jones purses his lips and fixes that condescending smirk and stare on the jury makes this final edict so sweet. Hope the 5 little angels are celebrating this jury’s will. Peace and joy to the prosecution.
  • mish izzzle
    Hearing the words guilty for Nhatan was the most justice for these babies. I can't imagine what the older children endured during those final hours. I feel terrible for the babies obv but they were prob sleeping and unaware as much as the older ones 😭 I've cried to much for these kids how can anyone hurt another human being or living thing exp a child a baby! I know they are in a better place playing eatting and being children in a beautiful world.
  • VioletBlue
    Justices served. I’m proud of those jurors.
  • Andrea Pate
    Hes a MONSTER. No emotion at all while they read the verdict, but SMILING after jury was dismissed.. I hope he gets his due in prison!!
  • Kat Inahat
    If Tim Jones could not handle the rigors of navy service, just wait for what is in store for him in prison.
  • Ann Bryant
    I really feel bad for all of the extended family and the defence attorneys that had no choice but to defend him, must be extremely difficult having to defend baby killers, and the family may have faults but they didn't ask for any of this, nobody would want to be in their shoes.Healing prayers to Amber and everyone involved,except Tim Jr.
  • cleverkins
    When one human decides to kill another, it must be the most difficult legal task to hold that person accountable at the cost of their life. I have great respect for this jury that held this man accountabie for the murder of children. All twelve of you did the right thing. I'm so sorry you had to take up this gauntlet, and so grateful to each of you.
  • Nita Boo
    Yes yes yes I'm so glad they found him guilty!!! Those kids did NOT deserve what he did to them. My heart breaks for those poor kids😒
  • Dekile Dennis
    I can't believe that he's smiling. Oh my God he's a monster!
  • Nana Berry
    His demeanor after the jury leaves tells me he is really enjoying all the attention. Plus, he knows how much pain he has caused the mother of his children... I guess to a monster like him, it was worth it.
  • wyldflwr
    YES!!! Thank GOD this jury showed some sense!!! Good job to all the jurors and the D.A.s Office!!!πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
  • Monika Sommer
    So saddened by these children taken away by their supposed parents, and possibly those in the know. Time to be there and more accountable. :(