Ed Sheeran - Take Me To Church (Hozier cover)

Published 2014-09-30
Ed Sheeran covers Hozier, Take Me To Church in the BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge for Fearne Cotton as part of Even More Music Month

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  • Guys you should remember one thing: covering is not copying a song completely, it's more unique when you add your identity to it.
  • It wasn't a bad cover, it's just different from the original. Ed gave the song a new twist and personally I liked it, but I understand that some would prefer the original. 
  • @sp1d3ycide
    okay so i’ve been scrolling through these comments and it’s honestly irritating me a little bit. ed sheeran doesnt have to match up to hozier’s skill. they’re two completely different artists, different styles, different voices. of course ed is gonna make this song his own and put his own spin on it- he’s a naturally fast singer. the rasp and grain in his voice makes this cover so, so very good. for the people saying that hozier sung this better- OF COURSE HE DID! it’s his song!! this is HOZIER’S song, so of course his version will always be superior no matter what. ed was having fun with this cover. he added his own spins on it, stop hating on something that honestly is irrelevant. just pay attention to his amazing vocals. he twisted the song into his own. he made it much more angry and regretful, where as hozier’s original sounded so much more desperate and soulful. they’re two completely different people. of course ed’s version will sound different.
  • @sara.sharma
    i honestly would pay big money to see harry styles cover this song i mean not that i have big money but—
  • @davidbrosus1150
    he can cover any song , can play, can rap and write. multi talented
  • @BigfootExp
    I've listened to this at least 30 times in the last 2 days, and I have no plans on stopping anytime soon
  • @sasafoufi3275
    everyone is saying that they want harry to cover it, but imagine Zayn singing it
  • @mooncafe378
    I am seeing a lot of comments saying that Harry or zayn should cover this song and few of the comments appreciating Ed sheeran, so because of that I wanna say this that Ed sheerans voice is amazing!!!💛
  • @katekay2598
    Ed Sheeran singing Hozier. My life is complete
  • @tinari1
    heard about 5 seconds and liked it, total chills, this cover fits him like a glove!
  • @najmunnisa1294
    Yo BBC Radio 1 drag Harry Freaking Styles from wherever he is and make him cover this song please
  • He did faster than the original, but I personally think that's awesome sounds painful and makes me want to cry, I feel the anguish and despair of what occurs in the clip. Ed always killing it
  • @chrisr6950
    Guys its a cover he is meant to put his own spin on it, like be howard singing call me maybe. Covers would be pointless if they where sang the same as the original just with a different voice.
  • @71ridamuskaan88
    I love how the pianist is so into the music that his body sways with every note. That passion is so infective. Also Ed has such great breath control, I'm taken aback❤️
  • I know this was a whole ago but I’m literally listening to all Ed’s songs and covers right know Bro people are saying this isn’t good this is amazing the point of a cover is to make it your own not to copy the original singing he’s making it to fit his voice and he sounds so good and the raspy parts just sound so good and raw
  • @abdochaabivevo
    im speechless , i don"t know what to say other than this guy is The man  and i think this is better than the original  am'i the only one who think so ?
  • @nahnevernope
    pls harry and louis tomlinson NEED TO COVER THIS SONG😭😭😭😭😭
  • @dacellahhm28
    Louis Tomlinson or Harry Styles HAVE to do this cover someday... PLEASE