Timothy Jones Jr. trial: opening statements in trial of man accused of killing his children.

Published 2019-05-14

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  • The judge was very effective when he stepped down, and spoke directly to the jury panel. Good sound and picture quality makes this trial easy to follow. Thank you!!
  • @sharaina85
    As soon as the defense attorney started his opening argument, with a metaphor, I was not happy, I can't imagine the jurors were pleased. Has nothing to do with trees, he's trying to divert the crime to make it sound less gruesome and I find that disgusting considering a child died, not one but five, he can kick rocks
  • @crazeeborg
    I love this judge's involvement with the jury. Stepping down at "eye level" is an effective way to interact with them.
  • @Greeneyes1974
    This lawyer needs to pick a different analogy because comparing the kids to trees and his entire family to a forrest just sounds ridiculous!!!
  • @CatG12
    I love this judge!! What a great guy
  • @rachaelalexus
    This judge is so refreshing after hearing how rude the judge in the McNabb & Bell trial was.
  • @texasbk1333
    My what a lovely man this Judge is. A class act indeed.
  • @tylerjensen9438
    My rule of thumb is to never believe someone who sounds like a weasel. The defense attorney sounds like a weasel.
  • @rhenachase7933
    Not one, not two, not three, not four, but five presious little ones murdered by the hands of their selfish father. May these little ones lay in the arms of true 💘 love. With our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ.
  • @cundavis
    Jeez! That defence lawyer lost his client's case for him inside of 1 minute with his first 5 sentences!! I've been on a jury before and you are instructed to NOT make any conclusions until all sides have presented all of their evidence. I would have had great difficulty thanks to the defendant's attorney and his ridiculous attempt at saying something profound. I'm quite sure he felt his analogy was primo and that the jurors were thinking "Man, look how fuk'n smart this guy is!" . . . . NOT!!!
  • @dariahughes5564
    Prosecutors framing why and how he did it, ALL WRONG. He didn't kill 4 because he freaked out after beating Lil boy 1st. He planned to kill all 5. He realized beating all 5 was too hard, strangling quieter and easier.
  • @lifehappens6447
    The defense attorney is trying to de-humanize the children. As defenses go, this is ridiculous and just plain annoying. Fry that POS!!!!
  • @Xerdar36
    I feel sorry for the lawyer that had to defend that piece of crap…
  • @stephihampton
    DSS failed these children. Also he was seeing a therapist and the therapist testified on his behalf to get the children. Smh. Also I can't understand how you could beat your child to death, sounds like he was angry at that kid. He strangled the others.
  • @QueenBB53
    If Timmy believes in the Bible then he should have no problem with and eye for an eye.
  • @KH-dm9zm
    This defense attorney couldn't find the forrest through the trees if it hit him in the face
  • @judyberends4586
    The live trial is on now on but it is very difficult to hear the attorney's ask the questions .The witnesses are heard fine .Very frustrating...😪
  • @-7002.
    The mother had an affair with the 19 year old neighbor, then she gives her 5 kids away to this murderer husband.

    These poor children...

    What's happening these days?

    Plus the meth and the nasty trailer home.

    This husband made $80.000 grand a year for Intel.

    The whole life of these poor children.

    Mom out having a affair with a teenager, dad making, and smoking meth.....

    God I pray these children get Justice.

    Why did the mom give the kids to him anyway??

    Praying for the family & this country & parents and people to get with it!

    No one is perfect, but, how many cases have we seen the past few months of children just murdered by their parents & all the meth, affairs & on & on.

    God Bless these children