Justin Porter Media is NOT your traditional wedding filmmaker || How To Film Weddings 231

Published 2022-08-01
Justin Porter Media is not your traditional Wedding Filmmaker. Bringing Easy Rigs, up to 5 shooters, his own up lighting, 8 lights, 13 microphones, and 9 cases (just to name a few) to the wedding day. Some might say this is overkill, but John takes the time to sit down with Justin to hear what all of this fuss is all about. With a recent TikTok video exploding (18+ million views at the time of recording), 500k+ followers on social media, and filming over 60 weddings per year, this guy is doing something right. Tune in as we chat all about his wedding filmmaking approach, plus a lot more!

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All Comments (18)
  • Ray Roman Films
    These guys are like the Seal Team 6 of wedding cinema. Good stuff!
  • Eric Dolister
    Justin is one of the best people in the game. Not just for how different his films are but as a person.
  • James Y. Cho
    Man I love watching Justin what he does. He’s genuinely super awesome
  • nash hall
    I’ve been following Justin for a while now & love his behind the scenes. He’s up there with the best.👍😀
  • Jessica Imes
    This was a breathe of fresh air. Really inspired me and makes me want to be a better wedding filmmaker!
  • Nita Blackwood
    The best to ever do it. Justin got me excited to move into shooting weddings.
  • Edwin J
    Been following him for a little while now. This guy is great and I'm glad to see him on the show!
  • No Flavor Imaging
    Big fan of what you do Justin! Never change who you are and how you do things! 💪🏽
  • Davinshi.Visuals
    Been waiting for this notification! Can’t wait to tune in after my day job!
  • HeartFeltVisual
    Snap…..that’s some high production stuff. Need to check out his stuff!
  • Bme Films
    he is such a cool cat man. love this dude!
  • Michal Hughes
    Does Justin take on destination wedding within the continental United States?
  • Bryan Keith
    So he's filming in 4K30 to give it that reality tv show look?