Tesla Bot vs Atlas Robot boston dynamics

Published 2023-05-16
Tesla Bot can walk very slowly and pick up stuff now. When will we have this robot to help and protect children when they go to school. Avoiding school violence would be fun.
It’s time for Atlas to pick up a new set of skills and get hands on. In this video, the humanoid robot manipulates the world around it.LEAPS, BOUNDS, AND BACKFLIPS
By training Atlas to maneuver its way through complex parkour courses, Boston Dynamics engineers develop new movements inspired by human behaviors and push the humanoid robot to its limits.
Tesla Bot
Create a general purpose, bi-pedal, autonomous humanoid robot capable of performing unsafe, repetitive or boring tasks. Achieving that end goal requires building the software stacks that enable balance, navigation, perception and interaction with the physical world. We’re hiring deep learning, computer vision, motion planning, controls, mechanical and general software engineers to solve some of our hardest engineering challenges.

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  • @KaliferDeil
    There is a big difference between the Tesla Robots aimed at an auto production line and the Boston Dynamics robots intended for the Military.
  • @nmdakini358
    Okay, watching robots building another robot starts getting a little creepy.
  • @jaabnegat
    To jest PRZERAŻAJĄCE! Bo ostatecznie, prędzej czy później będzie użyte przeciwko nam.
  • @user-qr6ot4fy1o
    Obviously, the technical direction of Tesla and Boston Dynamics is different. Maybe combining them together, we ll get complete robot workers.
  • @21EC
    Imagine a mix of both worlds..so the natural and quick motion of the Boston Dynamics robot + the witty brain and capabilites of doing stuff in a versatile way of the Tesla bot..wow..that would be a rather powerful mix, it would be scary to have such robot around.
  • Would love to see one big enough to transport a person inside. Could replace roads and the infrastructure needed for it. A bipedal car kinda thing.
  • @thewolfdoctor761
    The Boston Dynamics robot has a more advanced body movement and mobility, but every movement is pre-programmed in. The Tesla Bot uses AI. The Tesla Bot also has fingers which is a huge plus.
  • @jaimeduncan6167
    The Tesla bot reminds me of Honda's Asimo. It moves pretty slowly, and I am not sure that it can resist being tripped off. On the other side, the hand dexterity is pretty good. Not the best, but pretty good.
  • @21EC
    That Boston Dynamics robot on the begining is scarily advanced...we live in the future..look how fast and naturally he moves around and do tricks and stuff..pretty intimidating and extremely impressive..I got so amazed to the point of stopping the video and thinking it might be fake CGI 3D animation of the robot that was edited on top of a real footage (composite) but I guess it's real...? IDK if so then it's so crazy how far they have taken robots, we truly live in the future now..
  • @Th0r4May0r
    What you are forgetting here, is yes both are works in progress, but the Tesla robot is being made to be like a human. No human wears a huge metal backpack. Also, Tesla has been at it for less time than Boston Dynamics.
  • @p0llux9
    No way, for me Tesla got the best and useful path. It's impressive how their current robot can handle an object. Boston Dynamic's are cool but it seams to me they are closer to solders or clowns.
  • @ronferguson9695
    The Tesla Bot is far superior than the Boston Dynamics Bot! The Tesla Bot is learning as it goes, and it will continue to learn! The Boston Dynamics Bot follows a program from start to finish.
  • @EmarSounds
    I think the unpredictable terrain in Ukraine might be a bit much for the Boston Dynamics robo dogs what you think?
    Would be nice to see a few thousand of these running across the battle fields, armed with high powered machine guns.
  • @TheThinker82
    Tesla started recently development within the field of robotics, I bet that in a few years its robots will be more advanced.
  • @Stiggandr1
    Optimus has been out for maybe a year, and already seems to have much more sophisticated spatial awareness, and fine motor control.
    Atlas is more impressive for now... But Optimus seems to exhibit a broader and more sophisticated intelligence.
  • @eduardopiva9482
    O que importa é quando estás duas tecnologias se fundirem. Aí sim teremos descanso, os robôs trarão paz e avanço, nós engordaremos e viveremos de seus trabalhos escravos....
  • @kgblankinship
    It would be awesome if Tesla, Boston Dynamics, and Engineered Arts got together to come up with an android with the best features of their robots.
  • @theblackhole05
    So far ive seen them switch out the hands for the BD robot. So maybe hand motor functions aren't far off
  • @garycarter5641
    Maybe a combination of the two would be best for the Moon or Mars