I 100%'d Super Smash Bros Ultimate, Here's What Happened

Published 2024-05-14
My Super Smash Bros. Ultimate World of Light 100% gameplay, playthrough, and let's play! Will I be able to defeat Galeem and Dharkon to save all of the fighters and spirits?

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Director: Andrew Collette
Editor: youtube.com/vissaw
Writer:    / @narrativereaper  
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  • @nerf_gok
    Yeah that's true about wol only, if you really want to 100% the entire game you need to: -100% wol(20% in the overall progress) -all of challenges (10%) -all fighters in the roaster(20%) - collect all 1400+ spirits(20%) -all endings in wol(10%) -collecting all music packs(10%) - classic mode(10%) That's 100% completion(imo)
  • @sammygoboom5307
    "But babe, what about our da-" "NOT NOW, ANDREW UPLOADED A NEW VIDEO!!"
  • @Lequartzv5
    Me when I saw the title : How do you 100% smash ? Do you have to get EVERY joker's victory screen variation ?😂😂
  • @ls190v2
    🎵On that day, when the sky fell away🎵 🎵Our world came to an end!🎵
  • @Thegamergabe4.0
    Let’s all just agree that Kirby is the cutest Monster annihilator of all time?
  • @derricklee7764
    Oh yeah, didn't Sonic slow down to try and save Pikachu?
  • @pigboy109
    17:11 "Lucario, you are on the team, but we do not grant you the rank of Master" I'd have to disagree, because my Lucario became a Jedi Master after defeating the Yenom, Ganondorf, and Darth Sidious on planet Buraku nearly 7 years ago, and he also trained a purple Inkling girl named Emily as his padawan apprentice for three years.
  • Can we all appreciate the dedication of Andrew 100% games? This man is a legend at it. Thank you very much for playing kirby for me.
  • People always joke that Kirby is Masahiro Sakurai's favorite character and that's the reason he survived, but Kirby is actually fast enough to dodge that attack even without his warp star. Sonic could do that too but the reason he got hit was because he was trying to save Pikachu which just shows that Sonic is a selfless hero
  • @MysterAye
    Damn, this must’ve taken a REALLY long time
  • @dp2good
    Finally I’ve been waiting for this video!!!!
  • @GalaxiaKnightX
    Ah yes World of Light. A mode that I've played multiple times cause I'm that crazy. Thanks for doing this with your story telling there Andrew. Also my favorite main is Random.