The Bridge - Onward & Into the Storm with Garand Thumb

Published 2022-08-07
Mike Jones, otherwise known as Garand Thumb, stopped by our headquarters for a podcast and some exciting new projects. On this week's episode of The Bridge Podcast Travis and Mike talk in detail about his new company Onward Research, his journey throughout two military branches, his popular YouTube channel, and what it took to achieve these amazing milestones. Join Travis and Mike as they take a dive into the lesser-known side of the “Z list YouTuber.”

Bridging gaps within our industry one conversation at a time. The Bridge is not a show about firearms, training, or the military as some might expect. It’s about people; connecting with others, sharing experiences, exchanging perspectives, and healing together through sometimes vulnerable conversations about difficult topics. We hope to help and heal others as we do so for ourselves by airing these conversations for all to hear. Thanks for listening! We hope you enjoy the show.

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All Comments (21)
  • Uncharted Trader
    Seeing Mike in this podcast felt like seeing your school teacher out in public
  • Bailey Marcue
    Granad Thumb giving hard core dad advice with his dad is wholesome.
  • Terry Golden
    Flannel Daddy is one thing. Mike Jones the 3rd year med school drop out is on another level. Didn’t think he could get more cool but somehow this is the wholesome father son content I needed to cry to tonight.
  • The Pain
    Man, Garand Thumb is a good podcast host. He did a really good job interviewing Travis in this episode.
  • winne poo
    Travis, so sorry about your buddy. 32 funerals, I can’t even imagine. I buried my best friend a few years ago after he lost his battle. You guys should go into this topic more on your next meeting. I know a lot of vets who watch you have had similar experiences. Thanks for all that you guys do.
  • The Brigand Bob
    Mike is one of the major reasons I didn't feel awkward when I first stepped into the 2a community. Infinitely reasonable and empathetic dude who looks at things from every angle and tries to be self aware of his own biases and step outside of his comfort zone regularly. More leaders like Mike in the community, please and thank you.
  • Method
    This wound up being so much deeper than I expected. Massive respect.
  • GridTac
    Mike thank you for all you do. I joined the Marines at 17, deployed twice. I got out and shortly after my father passed and I was 24... Hit me like a freight train. My only regret is not spending more time with him. The worst is knowing my two kids will never know their grandfather. My goal is to build something that ties us together and reinforces the idea that in the end family is your biggest ally and supporter. Keep charging brother.
  • Dismembered Lamb
    You made me tear up when you said “Americas lost its purpose” I feel that man
  • Riffed Wood
    I’m not crying, you’re crying. This podcast hit some important topics. Thanks for sharing gentlemen
  • Wolf.
    One of the best podcast episodes I've seen in a while. That ending was emotional af.
  • Jim Ziogas
    I thought I was a Garand Thumb fan…turns out I’m more of a Mike Jones fan! Great content Travis.
  • Casey Hopkins
    My Father is going through stage 4 liver and kidney cancer right now and it’s not looking good. This was a great, uplifting and motivational boost that I needed and makes you appreciate again what we have in this world. Thank you gentlemen.
  • Andrei Nicholas
    I never really watch podcasts but after listening to this not only do I want it to be an unending episode but I also feel like it changed my point of view on a lot things on a whole lot of different levels. This is the absolute most anyone will get out of two hours spent on youtube! Keep the good influence coming, we are all waiting for more!
  • Unknown Original
    Mike is such a killer dude. Probably one of my most watched channels on YouTube.
  • Anthony B.
    Travis, this is my first episode of your podcast ever and it could not have been a better one for my mental state. When you mentioned talking to old folks about whether or not we have had hard times like this and for them to say “yes it’s been worse” makes me feel so much better about our chances as country and a society. I am a 26-year-old father of two and I feared that my children were growing up into a potential hellscape. Knowing that there have been times like this and gotten better makes me a little less stressed about our future and theirs.
    Thank you and Mike for your insights, from a former Navy service member.
  • TheDeftWarlock
    This was one of my favorite episodes,
    “That’s all we are pencils, the problem is no one wants to sharpen themselves because it hurts.”
  • If you can't think of a more iconic father/son duo..... go ahead and hit that subscribe button!
  • carbonking53
    One of the most genuine and heartfelt conversations I've ever had the pleasure to watch between two men. I learned a lot. Keep up the great work Travis and Mike. Best wishes to you both.