Mystery deaths: All 4 US tourists in Bahamas reported feeling sick night before

Published 2022-05-10
Samples taken from three tourists from Tennessee and Florida who died at a resort in the Bahamas under mysterious circumstances have been sent to a lab in Philadelphia to expedite results and help authorities understand what happened, officials said Monday.

The police commissioner of the Bahamas, Paul Rolle, said officials also collected samples from the rooms where the tourists were staying and the surrounding property to determine whether any contaminants were present.

"We really want to know what caused this," he said.

He identified the victims as a married couple from Tennessee, Michael Phillips, 68, and Robbie Phillips, 65, and a resident of Florida, Vincent Paul Chiarella, 64. Rolle declined to provide their hometowns.

Chiarella's wife, Donnis, was flown to a hospital in Florida and remained in serious condition, Rolle said.

Their bodies were found Friday morning at the Sandals Emerald Bay resort in Exuma, where the couples had been staying in two separate villas.

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  • YOW Gyrl
    I smell a HUGE lawsuit, especially when the doctor recommended airlifting them of the island and the hotel refused.
    I wonder if they potentially ate poorly prepared fugu? That's so sad.
  • Sarah
    I can’t get past the $4500/night!! Come on! Even if I had the money I would never pay that price. That’s disgusting.
  • Evangeline
    There was an issue reported with the air-conditioning unit in the villa. The unit wasn't working properly and staff came multiple times to repair the unit.. Alot of people are suspecting a freon leak from the air conditioning unit slowly poisoned them all.
  • H Mefford
    How unnerving!

    WHY go to a doctor and then ignore the advice given? 🤦🏻‍♀️
  • SJ M
    Humanity please stand up for your rights. The air-conditioning most likely was never taken care. Accountability is everything..everything will be revealed. God loves Humanity..and Humanity can't keep silent..speak up..compassion is the key..
  • hhigators
    When did you get their last booster? Sounds like a common event from the jab.
  • Denise Slack
    It's not the first incidents on a resort of Mysterious deaths
  • Anthony Musto
    Nice to hear the scoliosis lady is not going to "dwell on it" while she is trying to vacation!
  • Gone Fishing
    Horrible! Foul play is not suspected? Didn't deaths like this happen back in 2019! Possibly bad alcohol was the culprit then?
  • Tamera Mares
    Sad to die in "Paradise." Prayers for their families 😭🙏🎚
  • Rhonda Humes
    How long had they been staying at the resort?
  • Fabled Fantasty
    Didn't something like this happen last year?

    They said it had something to do with an insecticide, that the resort was using.
  • M Palmer
    Can not wait for the results.. sad how these innocent people lost their lives. Plus ppl don’t put enjoying sunshine ☀️ over common sense.. if you go to your Dr it’s wise to heed Drs warning.
  • I wonder what happened? Could be anything from tainted drugs(probably not) to food poisoning to a gas leak. I think it is a localized gas leak but I could be wrong
  • Sour patch kid
    Didn’t this happen before?!? They weren’t sure if it was tampering with the fridge in the room. They didn’t know what was happening