Published 2024-07-06
Buying EVERY style of CROCS :) Everything from classic clogs, to HEELS to BOOTS + some crazy limited edition ones
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All Comments (21)
  • @hopescope
    OKAY I think the CROCS Ballet Flats need a redemption arc in a future video lol 🥿 so many of you love them!! Comment your FAVORITE pair from the video 😊
  • @z0ebella
    As a teacher, who has had 3 babies in two years 😅, I can confirm that the crocs ballet flats, worn with socks, are a Godsend. They are professional looking, but so comfortable when you’re 30+ weeks and still have to stand and teach 🥰🫶🏾
  • @S.N_21
    I'm loving her pink hair😭💗it's totally her vibe 😭
  • @MiraAdi-yg9jq
    This video is the type of video i never knew i needed, as a teen i admit i have a part time job of being obsessed with crocs, crocs go hard with a pair of sweatpants, im a big fan of the heels can't say the same for the ballet flats 😭 i get it they are comfortable but the look isn't so pleasing in my opinion.
  • @PixieJune
  • @nehamaw
    Actually kinda love the idea of the ballet crocs.! As someone who often has smelly shoes or work out shoes I feel like those would be amazing! Can wash them easily and they look nice it seems for like buisness or something.
  • I love the ballet flat style! Professional yet super comfy! I also wore a wedge heel pair for my wedding reception to take a break from my heels.
    I admire the sheer commitment to gathering every Crocs style. This will certainly help a lot of people in their shoe-hunting journey.
  • @anjeskuypers
    I work on a boat and we collect everyone's shoes before the guests come aboard and I have NEVER NOT ONCE had a shoe basket without at least 1 pair of crocs 😂😂 it's a revolution!! Loving the new hair ❤❤❤
  • @-_..Draco.._-
    You should try getting your hands on the haunted mansion Disney crocs! They glow in the dark and have a cool pattern in them 😁😁
  • @Lizzie_428
    AHHH the Hair Looks amazing I'm obsessed. The feminine urge to dye all of my hair pink
  • @nerdecrafter
    I’ve been a huge fan of crocs accidentally as a teen 😆 I feel like most ppl are croc fans accidentally but the for life. Loved this video!
  • @StyleTheorists
    24:45 “24 Hours In Survival Crocs”... you bring the Crocs, we bring the s’mores? 🏕
  • The ballet croc shoe style are super popular amongst nurses in the UK, they're so so comfy and make a 12 hour shift very easy! But yes I agree that they're very ugly, but they are very comfy at the same time!x
  • @PriPicz
    So glad you are donating these! But I was thinking it'd be funny if you collaborated with Safiya because she'd somehow find a way to melt them all down and combine them into a super croc lololol
  • @Dogdudedrawz336
    I LOVE! Crocs! I think it's so nice that you are donating them!
  • @heyallisonshea
    Previous shoe store retail associate here! The person working there probably didn't question it because they thought you were getting a gift for someone who asked for 'Crocs' but didn't specify which ones and assumed you would return the ones that weren't correct. Actually not uncommon for people to buy lots of style shoes, they just usually end up back at the store.
  • @RtoioBnoiy
    OMGGG I didn't realize they had a Lisa Frank collection!! I need them!