DESTROYING Donkey Kong with AI (Deep Reinforcement Learning)

Published 2023-02-25

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  • As a wise man once said: “if your code works perfectly first try, it didn’t, you just haven’t noticed what’s broken yet”
  • @meihauf
    Code Bullet really is the best inspiration. He doesn't hide or gloss over his mistakes and in so doing shows that coding really is a perpetual state of learning through trial and error.

    And then promptly forgetting everything while we binge our next dopamine fix instead of working.

    Seriously though, I really appreciate that you include the struggle of being human in your videos. It makes them so much more relatable.
  • @Livingike
    Now make a Donkey Kong AI that learns the best barrel throwing strategies and pit them against each other for eternity
  • @LlyricDragon
    There is nothing more terrifying than when code works the first time immediately. How can we know it really works if we don't spend hours fixing the bugs?
  • @Dmobley9901
    I love how the second AI effectively decides to become a challenge runner by removing the part of it's brain responsible for jumping, just because it could-
  • @TheAdvertisement
    Neat detail I noticed that wasn't brought up. At 2:46 you can see the player square falls all the platform a bit early, when it's only halfway off, which causes it to clip into the floor a bit. This is because the "laser" vector that detects if the floor is there is positioned in the middle of the square, and therefore doesn't detect the ground when the square is only halfway off.
    This is silently fixed at 2:58, where the square now only falls when it's fully off the platform. As you can see, the lasers are on either side of the square, making sure both have to be off the platform before it falls.
  • @shinami3758
    The jokes and screwing around in the first 4 minutes got you a new sub. The "breath of fresh air" bonus is how you're not afraid to swear and genuinely enjoy what you do even when your code doesn't work.
  • @brobs0463
    Code Bullet is kind of like an A.I himself. In his videos he get slightly more competent over time
  • @fizipcfx
    as an Artificial Intelligence Engineer, I can confirm we tickle the balls of the reinforcement learning agents as a reward function. Its one of the best ones out there.
  • @Chevifier
    13:33 The AI finding a glitch and taking advantage of it is freaking awesome 🤣
  • @TheKing-fo4xo
    Every code bullet video is an event that should be treated with utmost respect.
  • @wykipedia4199
    Code bullet explains his coding better than my lecturers does and that’s saying something
  • @Isaac_kaufman
    I really love when you go into the more technical side of things, and still blending in the comedy. Great video!
  • @derekfordyce9
    The Jon Bailey cameo is the crossover I didn't know I needed.
  • @cositayjack
    Code bullet is probably the inner voice every programmer has while working on projects.
  • @SneakyAxe992
    I absolutely love how accurate you show the process of coding, just fail after fail until somehow it works and you’re not really completely sure why but hey it works so it’s all good
  • @dynad00d15
    13:38 Code Bullet is so good at coding, the AI felt necessary to learn speedrunning!
  • @Da1Krysez
    You have no idea how big my smile is! To some how just stumble onto what will now be my favorite channel?! An amazing feel. An almost AI generated feel, cause it's unreal! ....Carry on!