I Saw People Being Beheaded And Eaten By Dogs | Minutes With | @LADbible TV

Published 2021-10-24
In this episode of Minutes With we sat down with Antoinette Mutabazi, who survived the Rwandan genocide in 1994. She told us about the horror she witnessed during the 100 days of genocide, what happened to her family and the one thing that helped her to move on...

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  • LADbible TV
    With thanks to the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust, the charity that promotes and supports Holocaust Memorial Day in the UK, www.hmd.org.uk/

    and Antoinette Mutabazi from Youth With A Mission, an international volunteer movement of Christians from many backgrounds, cultures and traditions. www.ywamengland.org/
  • Saatwik Katiha
    Watching a baby feed on its beheaded mother is an unfathomable level of trauma.
  • FatGuy
    The crazy thing is if you walked past her in a store you would never know any of this story, this is why it is important to be kind to people around you
  • Jess4theMusic
    This woman studied, got a job, educates people whilst fighting the most abhorrent trauma imaginable and can say that she is thriving. Nothing less than incredible and completely exceptional.
  • bibbleboo
    "And how are you today?" "I am alive." Full body chills. I can't even imagine coming out of something like that with the strength this woman has
  • Ayda Moftah
    I went to the genocide memorial when I visited Rwanda. Even the memorial couldn’t give the full picture. It was such an important experience but even as an outsider being there, I was on the brink of tears the whole two hours I was there. They have a room called the children’s room at the end. It’s basically a hallway with photos of these little children/infants. Under each photo it had their name, their age when they died, some of their favourite things (ice cream, football, their aunt, etc…) and then how they died. Most of them were beheaded by machetes or thrown repeatedly against walls until they died. There’s also an area called the three rooms. One of them has the clothes of some of the victims wore when they died. They were modern 90s clothes like adidas track pants and it just makes you realise how recent this all was. All the clothes were drenched in the blood of whoever wore them. The third room is the photos room. It’s got thousands of photos hung up by family members of survivors, of the loved ones that they lost. Anyone can go hang a photo. They’re all hung on clothe pins. The memorial tour starts with a video of survivors speaking about their experience during the genocide, some with machete scars on their heads from childhood. One of them only survived because they hit him so many times with one that they thought there was no way he was still alive. He then got up and dragged himself kilometres away to a hospital where a nurse took him in and protected him and paid off people to leave him alone. You then learn about the history of it all, from the pre-colonisation, to colonisation, to independence, to the genocide. It was a heartbreaking experience to go there but such an important one. The Rwandese will never forget what happened and they don’t want outsiders to either. They want us to learn from what happened there.
  • Carmen Sjurset
    TO EVERYONE WHO WANTS TO HEAR MORE ABOUT THIS!!! They released a movie this YEAR called TREES OF PEACE. It’s on Netflix. It’s actually about this girls story and the other girls with her. I 100% recommend everyone to watch. I cried a lot, these women were so insanely brave.
  • AXE_seen
    As a child I was always afraid of ghost and the paranormal. But as I grew older and learning about human cruelty, I can't help but find humans scarier than any other creature.
  • Maria Sincere
    I remember as a child watching the movie “Hotel Rwanda” and believing it was fictional. It’s an extremely sad movie. When I became an adult and learned it was based on a true story and true events I couldn’t believe it. Hearing her story has made it all the more real
  • Mary Elizabeth
    The mix of sadness, intelligence, perseverance and beauty in this woman is breathtaking. She hurts the most when remembering she couldn't do anything for the baby whose mother was beheaded. She was a just a child herself experiencing the unfathomable, but yet to this day, she has genuine empathy that is pure and stunning to witness. This video was so difficult to watch but I'm grateful that I did. She deserves her story to be heard.
  • Inspiring woman. Forgiving such grusome acts and growing even tho she went through such a traumatizing expirience. The last line about forgivness truly inspired me. Thank you.
  • Dominic Überall
    Since I becam a dad that kind of stuff hits me even harder.
    My son is now 1 1/2 years old.
    Imagening such children, pure innocence, being burned... breaks my heart into thousand pieces... ;(
    This was the most traumatic story I've ever heard. Her saying, 'forgiveness is the key to your freedom' was enlightening.
  • Nadhiya Nâtaline
    "My father told us not to hide together, so if we were caught, we both wouldn't be killed" absolutely broke my heart. Imagine having to say that to your own children
  • Teh_Archi3
    ive watched a lot of gore in my life. being the one to witness this in person and see how gruesome and brutal reality can be is on a level i would never be able to comprehend.
  • Dynamic Pisces
    I can’t imagine being an adult and experiencing this nightmare, let alone a 12 year old child! Bless her and keep her!!! She’s so beautiful and brave!! I pray the rest of her life is happy, stable and blessed!🥰
  • leys xo
    My mother is Rwandan and she lost her siblings, parents and grandfather during the genocide. Luckily, she was in New Brunswick studying while this was happening in Rwanda; My aunt (her sister ofc) was also somewhere else during the events. Two of her brothers also survived thankfully. She was getting married to my dad around the time that it happened so their wedding wasn't too extravagant due to my mother grieving. On a side note, we just recently lost my great grandmother in February 2022 who survived the genocide back home, she was 103 I think :) Watching this video was absolutely heartbreaking for me because the thought of my family dying in such inhumane ways breaks my heart. I thank God every day for saving my mother.
  • toby Nwaafor
    I was opportune to visit the Kigali Genocide memorial. It was a humbling experience. And salute to Paul Kagame for being a unifier. Nigeria should learn from such leadership 🙏
  • Brandon Royal
    God I can only imagine the terror she went through god bless you!
  • Mo_vlogs
    African history is not discussed enough. Full stop. What an amazing women.