The Best NEW Science-Fiction Movies 2022 & 2023 (Trailers)

Published 2022-12-12

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  • TrendBoard1
    Everything everywhere all at once is a masterpiece.
  • Asura King
    knights of the zodiac, looks like it would have been a great film with cutting edge graphics and A-List superstars coming off their most recognisable films in the early 2000's
    Check out our compilation for The Best NEW Science-Fiction Movies in 2022 & 2023!
  • Lin_Win
    So many movies about AI and space stuff. They definitely mentally preparing us for something big that’s coming in the future 😮
  • Taperedend
    Black Adam looks as successfully made as Justice league was.
  • LadyWeaselLou
    I'm not the biggest fan of the Guardians, the nieces and nephews love it and they are cute. But the Raccoon always makes me want to cry.
  • J Sant
    How Refreshing! It’s been a while since a film 🍿 has enticed me to the cinema !
  • More superhero movies PLS, we need them!!
    What we watched when superhero movies didn't exist?!?!
  • MisterNiles
    Wow. Mickey 17 looks great. The plot is this: a guy is getting an MRI and then he opens his eyes. Awesome.
  • Nikki G
    Most of the movies I'm interested in are already out and streaming. But that is a good thing, since I can put them on my list to see at home, now.
  • Jed
    Some good stuff coming up this year. I can't help think that the movie tap has been turned on and all the movies made during the pandemic are being let out of the bag in this the first clear year for theatre goers. Suits me!
    The title though is wrong - more thought could have gone into it.
    Science Fiction is where events or devices we see could occur soon or in the future, i.e. quite possible.
    Science Fantasy is when things are techy but alas are just too out there to be even a remote possibility
    Then there's Fantasy where people can do amazing things with their minds or actions and improbable futuristic devices do stuff that belie science and could never be explained and never try.
    I rate Star Wars as Fantasy in a universe where mind powers can do . . . well almost anything as is any Transformer movie.
    I rate Star Trek as Science Fiction but they occasionally cross over to Science Fiction Fantasy.
    I rate The Expanse as pure Science Fiction.
    Most of the trailers here are for Fantasy movies - no where near Science Fiction and it irks me no end that the poster who put this compilation seems to have no idea what is Sci Fi and what is Fantasy and worse will read this and say, who cares?
    I expect Millennials to get it wrong because more and more folk are getting it all mixed up, not care or can't be told. So sad.
    Now, where's my popcorn?
  • Washington sgc
    Si existiera un planeta como pandora. Yo seria uno de los desearía y haría todo lo posible por que los humanos no la pisaran nunca en la vida. Por los destructivos que somos. 😂
  • EmDub
    Definitely watching Knights of the Zodiac
  • Daniel Schneider
    So all the best upcoming sci fi is actually either horror or a comic book, great
  • kudos2ya37
    I want Shia LaBeouf back in transformers..
  • AL
    Anyone else notice in the transformers he splashes water all over them, yet they are perfectly dry
  • Pinnacle Roofing
    I find it interesting that portraying the depths of depravity seem to know no end but to try and portray goodness has a limit on what can be imagined
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  • Matt Vinci
    That's awesome. I'm curious if Christopher Yost(the guy who wrote the story for Secret Headquarters) lived in Silverlake in LA. There's an old, local comicbook shop by the same name. That and I gotta get me one of them new VW vans!
  • MyVesperia
    The butterfly effect is on my number one.