NIGHT JAZZ: Peaceful Evening Jazz - Relaxing Instrumental Music for Dinner Night, Lounge, Rest

Published 2020-10-22
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☕ About Cafe Music BGM channel
We are making Cafe music for relaxation, for work, for study, etc.
All music in this video & in this channel is original music by us.
We are playing all the songs.

📜 What is BGMC?
Gentle light that shines through the blinds
One glass of water after waking up
The tender breeze from the window that we feel with all our body

These things are too ordinary in everyday life to be conscious.
But we can't live even if one of them is missing.
"BGMC - BGM channel" has been providing music, hoping to be like them.

Though it is colorless and transparent, we want to make the listener's daily life as colorful as possible.
That is the essence of the music we deliver.

Light, water, wind, and BGMC
A new value for music.

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All Comments (21)
  • This has been a perfect playlist to relax to while late dinning on my balcony with candles
  • cora rose
    I love your channel so much. I’m in collage but I live at home and I listen to you guys a lot but then my siblings started listening to you too because they would always hear you on in my room when I was studying. And now my family listens to jazz all day😂 Thank you for the work you put into these!
  • moonflwr
    i listen to this every day when working, reading, and to help me sleep- thank you so much for this
  • Cassandra Tormes
    Absolute perfection. The perfect way to enhance my relaxing evening. Thank you for sharing this.
  • Miau
    Sometimes my mind's a whole buzz with interfering noises, thoughts, and frequencies, so I like how this calm cafe jazz is nothing like my mind expects. Therefore, it's actually really relaxing, my mind just focuses on the nice melodies TvT thank you :D
  • Carl Loud
    A cup of coffee, candles burning and this music. Nice way to spend a Saturday evening.
  • amanda reid
    beautiful music . So calm and relaxing x
  • Paul Micheals
    wonderful music, very soothing, thank you so much. Best way to end the day.
  • Chris Huang
    Lovely music. I feel calm and happy. Thank you.
  • D -Ry
    Jazz in the background is perfect for almost anything
  • Monika Bohm
    Absolutely phenomenal thank you finding rest and relaxing this evening love and gratitude
  • Irvin Tu
    Wonderful work that adds cosiness into my evenings.
  • olivarian lee
    Much better than any anti depression sound in you tube.
  • Roms Official
    Perfect for Romance my wife will literally love this
  • 호설유비
    wow i love this music❤ its so beautiful🥰🥰😍
  • David
    Very nice music, I was listening during work and studying. Good Job man.