Army Ranger shows his rifle setups

Published 2021-01-12
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  • "If You're Not Cheatin, You're Not Trying" Semper Fi! Rangers Lead The Way!
  • @scoe5908
    If you've ever dropped a magazine on your foot when practicing reloads in your socks and it really hurt, go ahead and hit that subscribe button.
  • I watched this dudes IG video before when he was absolutely destroyed when he had found out he's gotten a brain tumor. Now he is on here slaying.
    Fucking role model in life and a goddamn hero.
    Garret sets the bar high for the rest of us peasants.
    Greetings from Sweden, if you ever visit our shitty cold weather country, Let me know so I can buy you a few drinks.
    Thanks for the video
  • Thank you for doing this series, we all have an idea how we want our rifles set up but it’s great to see how others have set theirs up and learn why! Very informative!
  • Don't ever stop making these, I know you've made a couple Rifle Set-up videos in the past. But it's always cool and really interesting to just see and hear about other people's set-ups and their thought process behind everything. Plus the banter is always fun as well.
  • @davidwaynemain
    Its awesome to see some your newest videos and then go back a year or so. Your growth as well as the other gun guys is well earned Mr. Thumb. Love all of y'all from Kentucky.
  • @android61242
    These setup videos are the best. You can learn so much from what people choose and why.
  • Garand thumb: “let’s go tip to butt as usual.”
    Ranger Garett: “I am the captain now.”
  • @mediumugly4322
    This was one of the worst things about a Marine Corps Armorer on deployment and CMC/CMT (marksmanship Instructor), I wanted to give everybody the best. But was limited to rules. But I will say I gave any of my Marines who were knowledgeable on what they wanted, what they wanted. I took some hits from what I did but I made sure my guys were the most combat effective
  • @erikhoryza9068
    Its refreshing to hear his indepth thoughts of every aspect behind his designs. Very cool.
  • Awesome rifle set up. That is the beauty of the AR platform in customization for the mission set or duty! Keep up the set up videos 👍
  • @imsobreit
    Awesome to see Garett doing great! I’d really like to take one of his classes 🤙🏼
  • @mjmj6078
    I'm amazed how steady you were while shooting during that slow motion scene!!!!! that trigger control and nerves of steel you got are the different between a shooter and and a PRO shooter.
  • @dalestark3343
    Love seeing others to learn from and see variances' of setups. Great Vid!
  • On the topic of stashing skittles, you can stash exactly 23 skittles in the Magpul MOE grip, though if you're a chonkers like me and skittles just doesn't cut it, you can stash 11 peanut M&Ms in there
  • @ArkamasRoss
    It’s cool to see a Ranger’s setup now compared to back in the day with Mogadishu. Look how far the AR platform has come. These guys in the field are the ones who contributed to that. Same with Chris Tanto’s vid on his setup. All the little improvised modifications they would make and how they’re not even a thought with all the streamlined accessories now.
  • @K-bob_45
    “Go tip to butt”
    Goes butt to tip
  • @TheRedDirtRider
    Hope you’re on a straight road to recovery brother! Thanks for the great content! Thanks for your service! Thanks for adopting me! Love - Flannel Boy in training
  • @Ajibica117
    I’ve been doing the reverse side sling thing for a while now. I never knew I was actually doing something differently than the average.